The Body Products That Will Save Dry Winter Limbs

Every Winter I vow to look after my legs with as much care and consideration as I put into skincare for my face, yet somehow, my routine never quite measures up. This year, with a little more time on my hands than usual and no chance of escaping to somewhere warmer, I’m committed to keeping things under control.

A huge motivation for ensuring my body is properly exfoliated and well moisturised throughout Summer is my use of fake tan. There’s nothing worse than streaky tan lines on scaly skin. So, I’m taking inspiration from that routine and kicking things up a notch to deal with the extra dryness that comes from the cold weather, lack of ocean time and a minute too long in front of the heater every night.

The catch? Literally everyone hates being stuck in the bathroom post-shower with nothing but a towel to protect you from the crisp air so this routine needs to be quick and the products need to be effective.

Some hot tips: Exfoliating in the shower when your skin is wet and warm is the best way to remove dead skin without damaging it. Moisturiser is also best applied when your skin is damp so it has the best chance of sinking deep into the layers of your skin and locking in that bit of extra moisture that was already on your skin.

Here’s what to use to keep your limbs soft, smooth and hydrated all Winter.


Dry Body Brush – Used for centuries, dry body brushes are for more than just exfoliating. In fact, there are far better ways to exfoliate in my opinion. But dry body brushes are fantastic at invigorating your skin and boosting blood flow. Using gentle, circular motions, you can increase circulation that makes your skin look more plump and even toned.

Exfoliating Mitt – Perfect for using in the shower with your favourite body wash, an exfoliating mitt is an extra chance to slough away dead skin. They’re actually quite gentle when used on wet skin too so you don’t have to face any scratchiness. Any old supermarket exfoliating mitt will do, and you should be replacing these guys regularly anyway.

Thick Socks – Ok, not technically a tool but still an essential. Dry feet are the worst and definitely not a good look when you finally trade in your sneakers for a pair of heels or even sandals on date night. With a thick pair of socks on hand, you can coat your feet in a slathering of moisturiser and pop the socks on before jumping into bed to really level up your hydration.



Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish – If you like to get a little rough without worrying about damaging your skin, this exfoliant from Fresh is a great choice. Made from brown sugar, it has thicker granules that work fast to smooth out dry skin and leave you feeling flake free. It has a sweet citrusy scent that’s light and bright and a clever blend of botanicals softens your skin as it works to even out skin tone.

Aesop Redemption Body Scrub – This super soft scrub has an invigorating scent that transports you to a dewy forest while it carefully sloughs off dead skin. It has both ground pumice and bamboo stem that give it it’s fine granular texture while some lovely oils help to smooth your skin and prep it for hydration. It’s a really nice product to use if you’re missing that spa experience.


Jurlique Refreshing Body Lotion Citrus – If you’re anything like me and prefer to pretend you’re on the Amalfi Coast instead of enduring another cold and windy Winter, Jurlique’s new body lotion is for you. The zingy citrus scent is a wonderful departure from everyday life and provides a light yet lingering sense of escapism. As for the formula, it’s lightweight and sinks in quickly so you don’t have to wait around with sticky limbs in the cold air before getting dressed. It gives you a nice dose of hydration that feels soft and smooth on the skin and best of all, you won’t feel like you’re forever reapplying because it’s genuinely nourishing for your skin.

The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Lotion – If you have the kind of skin that feels like it’s forever dry and will never be smooth again, this is for you. It’s enriched with shea butter that locks moisture into your skin without feeling greasy or sticky. It has a light whipped texture that’s easy to spread and sinks in nicely so you’re not left with any kind of white cast if you apply it as you’re running out the door. The scent is light yet leaves a touch of woody sweetness on your skin that is really relaxing.

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