Budget Beauty Buys You Need This Winter

Usually our Winter beauty shopping lists would be filled with new colour trends and those products that will last through the chilly windy weather.

This year, things are a little different. We’re spending more time inside and away from pubs, parties and Sunday morning brunches and it’s altering our beauty routines. Instead of wine tinted lips and Wintery brown eyes, we’re looking to our beauty bags as a means of self-care and to give us some serious nourishment while we take this time out to reset.

With a lot of uncertainty circling the world right now, we thought there was no better time than now to bring you our favourite beauty buys that will get your through a Winter of indoor self-care and that won’t break the bank. These budget beauty products are the perfect top-ups to your routine!

Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion – $10.99

Grease-free nourishment for every limb is the goal and the Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion makes it easy. This advanced strength body moisturiser is fragrance free so great for sensitive skin and it sinks in quickly so you can get dressed after applying without delay. It works quickly to banish dry and flaky skin and the pump packaging is really convenient so there’s a good chance you’ll actually use it!


Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Minty – $14.95

Too many lip balms require constant topping up and don’t seem to do much to actually rid you of dry and cracked lips. The Lanolips 101 Ointment is a cult-classic because it actually does what it promises. It softens and soothes chapped lips and it’s powers are long-lasting so you won’t constantly feel the need to reach for your balm (although with the delicious minty scent, you may not be able to resist). It’s hero ingredient, lanolin, is a powerhouse protector and mimics your natural oils for kissable lips all winter long.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara – $22.95

While we aren’t doing full faces of makeup, a lick of mascara is a great way to awaken your eyes and make you look like you’ve put in a little effort for your daily Zoom meetings. Maybelline are the king of budget mascaras that actually work and the Lash Sensational is no exception. The silicone brush grabs, separates and lifts your lashes to give you a fanned effect and the best thing about this mascara is that it’s really easy to control how much product you’re putting on. You can keep things subtle for your morning meeting than add an extra coat for your Zoom dinner party in the evening. And our hot tip? It’s always going on sale so you can pick it up for just $11.


Share The Base LB Cream – $35

For those days you want just a little extra coverage without having to dust off your foundation, the LB Cream from Share The Base is great. It’s a makeup and skincare hybrid that moisturises, primes and protects your skin with SPF15+ while a light tint evens your skin tone and provides a little coverage. A little goes a long way in giving you a natural and glowy finish and best of all, all profits go straight to charity so you can feel good about buying it.


The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Calming and Protecting Hand Cream – $7

If washing our hands thirty times a day wasn’t drying enough, cool weather can really wreak havoc on your hands. Hydrating them is one thing, put protecting them from further damage is crucial and this nourishing hand cream from the Body Shop does just that. The rich formula is great for sensitive skin and hydrates the deepest levels of skin on your hands while repairing your protective barrier. And, it’s a total steal at just $7.


Vanitè Hydrate and Nourish Sheet Masks – $35

Both Winter weather and stress can dehydrate our skin and leave it looking less than glowing. A hydrating mask filled with plant extracts and antioxidants is what you need to get your glow back and protect your skin from further damage and these Vanitè sheet masks are perfect for that. They come in packs of three so they’re just over $10 a pop, far cheaper than any facial and in our opinion, they work just as well.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – $29.99

It may not be the cheapest micellar water on the shelves but it is the best bang for your buck. This gentle cleansing solution is one of, if not the best micellar water there is so it’s a steal at just under $30. Since you likely aren’t wearing a lot of makeup during the day, you can afford to swap your oil cleanse for a lighter swipe of micellar water that will gently prep your skin for your cleanser and the rest of your evening skincare routine.


Featured image

Photo: Thom Kerr

MakeUp: Bonnie G Oz Beauty Expert

Hair: Iggy Rosales

Model: Jemma Baines

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