The Amazing Skin Benefits of Facial Razors

I’m a girl, and I shave my face. Once a week I cleanse my face and pat it dry, get out my facial razor and slough off peach fuzz and dead skin cells. It’s a glorious process that leaves your skin incredibly smooth and don’t get me started on how much better makeup looks on top of freshly shaven skin!

This may sound weird, shocking, disgusting or all of the above, but women have been shaving their faces for decades. It’s a form of deep physical exfoliation which visibly improves pigmentation, pore size, skin texture and minimises the appearance of fine lines.

Top salons are now offering derma planing facial treatments, which are literally the same thing you can do at home with a women’s facial razor.

Makeup artists in the 50’s used to shave actresses faces to make their makeup go on smoother. Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville swears by shaving her face, and told the New York Times that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces too.

Watch Sophie’s face shaving video!


Youtuber Huda Kattan shaves her face regularly.

 I began shaving my face over a year ago when I came across an interview with my ultimate anti-ageing idol Christie Brinkley. In the interview with Redbook, she says that she swears by exfoliation. She explains that she once read that men often look younger than women of the same age because they shave daily, which is an effective form of exfoliation. This reminded me of a YouTube video made by former Bachelor contestant Michelle Money in 2012, where she talks about how much she loves shaving her face. After re-watching her tutorial and seeing unbelievable amounts of peach fuzz being scraped off her face, I took the plunge and ordered a Tinkle Eyebrow Razor.


I now use a Daiso Razor for Face and Eyebrows with a long blade, which works just as well as the Tinkle version. Revlon also make a great new facial razor. It’s best to shave at night before applying your skincare products, as it will help your skin absorb any active ingredients. Simply pull your skin taut and shave downward in short strokes. Always moisturise afterwards to avoid dry skin. Facial razors are sharp so you have to be careful not to nick yourself.

You will be amazed at what comes off your face. Rather than just moving dead skin cells around like a scrub, shaving scrapes everything off leaving your skin smoother and brighter. The deep exfoliation promotes cell turnover, making the whole process great for anti-ageing.


Youtube star Carlie Bybel shaves her face.


And so does Aussie Chloe Morello….

Recently I stopped shaving for a month to see if the hair grew back any thicker or darker, and I am happy to report that it grew back completely normal. I am not a hairy person (and definitely not a bearded lady!) but the benefits of shaving your face are addictive.

If you’re feeling brave and want smoother skin, flawless makeup application and anti-ageing benefits, shaving might be for you too.


Blogger Jenni Raincloud using the Tinkle Razor



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