How-to Have a Spa Experience at Home

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as spending a day at the spa being pampered while sipping on champagne. Unfortunately, our busy calendars don’t often allow for a day away from real life very often so taking an hour or two at home to recreate the experience is a must.

Here’s a few easy steps to create your own at home spa…

Start by changing into a fluffy robe and setting the atmosphere. A scented candle or oil burner paired with your favourite music will instantly put you into a relaxed mode.

Next, remove your makeup and double cleanse your face. The first cleanse ensures all of your makeup is off and the second helps to prepare your skin to better absorb the next few steps. After cleansing, use a gentle AHA toner and follow it with a face mask. Your skin concerns will depend on the mask you choose. If you’re experiencing congestion, an enzyme or charcoal mask will work well, if you need hydration, a mask with probiotics or rosehip oil is perfect and those with dullness should go for a mask loaded with vitamin c.

While you’re masking, take the time to read a book, magazine or just relax and listen to music. Try to resist the urge to pick up your phone or computer so you really give your mind a chance to disconnect.

Dry body brushing is an easy way to give yourself a spa experience thanks to both its external and internal health benefits. The trick is to use a brush that provides a bit of friction with your skin without being too tough. If it hurts when you brush your skin, go for softer bristles. Start from your feet and work your way up your body using short, upward strokes on dry skin.

You can replicate a steam room experience in your own bathroom by running the shower on hot a for a minute, allowing the steam to build up before turning the water off and jumping in. To keep the steam going longer, I like to keep the hot water running at a very low pressure and face it toward the wall. If you enjoy essential oils, put a few drops into the corners of the shower and your whole bathroom will be smelling like a spa in no time.

Take a few minutes to relax and focus on your breathing before shaving if you need to. Next, use a body scrub. A coffee scrub is a nice way to feel like you’re getting a hit of caffeine or go for a fruity smell for a tropical holiday vibe. When you’re done, lather your body in moisturiser and relax while it soaks into your skin.

Finish off your skin with a hydrating oil, followed by an anti-oxidant serum, moisturiser and SPF if you’re planning on being out in the sun during the afternoon. Remember to always give your skin a minute to absorb ingredients between each of your skincare steps. For an added bit of luxury, massage oils and serums into your face using either your hands or a jade roller.

If you have the time and want to take your at home spa to the next level, now’s a good time to do your nails and give yourself a pedicure. It’s a worthy step to leave you feeling polished and put together.


featured image via instagram @shaninamshaik

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