Get Lighter and Brighter Hair At Home Using Toning Shampoo

Everybody loves that salon fresh feeling of a new colour and cut but at the moment it’a not something that’s easy to have. At-home hair colour correcting products have become extra popular because they can freshen up our colour at home. Their ability to replace a trip to the salon and save a lot of money is second-to-none and they’re a quick, fairly commitment-free way of getting brighter locks in the times it takes to wash your hair.

Remember being in high school art class learning all about the colour wheel, contrasting, complimentary, secondary and primary colours? There’s a good chance you haven’t thought twice about it since however it plays an important role in the beauty world, and is the secret behind those blue and purple shampoos, conditioners and treatments you’ve seen everywhere.

In technical-ish terms, contrasting colours, those on opposite sides of the colour wheel, ‘cancel’ each other out, because of the way colours are mixed from the three primary colours. When it comes to hair, colour can be used to correct brassiness in blonde hair, or reddish and orange tones in brunette hair.

Because purple and yellow are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, purple toned shampoo and conditioner can be used to neutralise brassy and harsh yellow tones in blonde hair, returning it to a creamier, ashier looking blonde.

The same thing goes for blue shampoo adjusting reds and oranges in brunette hair. The colour blue is even used in black hair-dye to help achieve a truly dark black colour.

Using toning shampoo is actually really easy because they work just like a regular shampoo. You scrub them around in your hair for a while, massage the product into your ends and then let it be for a minute before washing it out. You can pair shampoos with its partnered toning conditioner or just a regular conditioning treatment.

But be sure to wear gloves! I learnt the hard way that these products can stain your hands!

If you’re looking to try one for yourself, here’s a few to start with…


It may seem that no matter how many times you dye your hair a cool brunette shade it ends up with a distinct auburn tinge after a matter of weeks. Fudge Cool Brunettes Toning shampoo and conditioner can help with that. After just one use you’ll notice that the orange tones in your hair have taken a serious hit and a couple of uses in your brunette will be cool, a little ashy and rich in colour. It also leaves your hair feeling very soft and healthy – a real win, win!


Blonde hair is notoriously difficult to stop from turning brassy, particularly when it’s been professionally toned to a darker, honey type blonde. But Fanola’s No Orange shampoo is raved about across the globe for good reason. It’s tough on excess orange and bright yellow tones in your hair and instantly refreshes your blonde, returning it to a balanced, creamy shade.


If your once light and bright blonde is looking a little dull and orange, turn to John Frieda’s Violet Crush Intense shampoo. It uses both purple and blue pigments to counteract yellow and orange tones and will leave your hair looking seriously brighter and a lot cooler in tone. It’s recommended to use it for a few washes in a row before alternating it into your routine with your regular shampoo to keep up the great results.


Featured Image:

Photo Bonnie Cee

Hair and Make-up Bonnie G, Oz Beauty Expert

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