How to wear bangs (and why you should try a fringe at least once)

Recently I got a fringe. I admit, I did it for the allure and mystique and in general, to upgrade my look. It just seemed the perfect, moody element to darker locks that would instantly grant me that Parisian mystery.

While fringes, like beards and moustaches can be a bit contentious as to their aesthetic benefits, it all depends on the style, shape and texture – of both your face and the impending hair style.

Some women certainly look radiant with hair completely off their face, allowing the forehead, the resting ground to some mythical Third Eye to shine and open their expression. On the other hand, a fringe can add interest to a face, enhancing the eyes with coquettish flirtation (or conceal bad brows between botox appointments).

Alas, I did the former, and if you are thinking whether to rock a fringe, even this once, here are some home truths you should know:

*You will likely need to shampoo and blow-dry your fringe daily

*It’s pretty easy to put a fringe back with a bit of hairspray and pins

*Dry shampoo will be your best friend

*Your fringe can still afford diversity – side-swept, quiffed or straight down, there’s a daily style to suit your mood.

*People WILL compliment and comment – embrace the attention!

A fringe (or bangs!) will make the eyes pop, take years off your face (no more Botox!) and can be flattering no matter your face shape. For instance, a blunt fringe can “shrink” a long forehead, while side swept forehead tendrils do wonders for a long face. If your face is round and you want to pop out your cheekbones, then go for a straight-edge cut or a fringe with slightly longer sides. This will make your cheekbones literally jut out.

If your hair is thin, then a fringe makes it look fuller and thicker. If you also add layers that frame your face, that swishy effect will be stronger.

If your hair is curly, then a wavy fringe is all the rage right now… just check out the latest Michael Kors, Paspaley and Hermes campaigns and see for yourself.

You’ll need to get your cute new bangs trimmed every few weeks (just don’t do it yourself, unless you want to look like bowl-boy from the Year Two class photos). Use a heat protection spray and cool it on the straightener use, unless you want to sport those frizzy ends (I doubt it).

Nothing good comes for nothing – a bit of styling minutes daily are required, but for the reinvention and kudos to your appearance, we think those extra 10 minutes in the bathroom are worth it for a whole new sizzling summer look.

 Written by Alina B

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