The Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home (And the Ones You Should Leave to The Pros)

Everyone needs a little professional help from time to time to keep their skin glowing, their hair shiny, nails in check and brows looking sharp. But at the moment we don’t have that luxury and we now need to take matters into our own hands.

So, while there are some beauty treatments that should always be done by a professional without exception, there are plenty that you can be doing yourself at home. You stand to save a lot of time, and your wallet will thank you too.

The beauty treatments to do at home

Brow and lash tinting – if your brow shape is under control and you just want to darken up your brows and lashes, there are plenty of great at home products that are easy and safe to use and they give you salon quality results. A trip to your local Priceline will save you plenty of trips to get your brows and lashes tinted.

Eyebrow maintenance – tweezing a few hairs here and there shouldn’t require a trip to the salon. It can be intimidating to approach your brows yourself but if you’re starting with a good base, handling the maintenance at home is perfectly simple. Just stick to the rule of not tweezing more than three hairs from each brow per day. That way, you’ll never take things too far. Also, see below about reshaping!

LED Light Treatments – new technologies are making it easy for us to take advantage of LED light without having to spend excessive amounts at a clinic. Brands like Neutrogena and Dr Dennis Gross both have at home options and while they’re not as strong as a professional treatment, you can use them daily so by the end of the month you’re arguably getting the same results anyway.

Chemical Peels – AHAs and BHAs are hero ingredients so nearly every great skincare brand has a peel or exfoliating treatment you can do yourself at home. They’re not as highly concentrated as in-clinic peels but that’s kind of a good thing. At home products are more gentle on your skin and don’t leave you with any downtime.

Pedicures – sure it’s nice to have your feet massaged every now and then but pedicures are a treatment that are easily done at home to save you both time and money. With the right tools, you can get the same results as a trip to the salon without having to walk around in those foam flip-flops for an hour. Before you start, invest in a decent pair of clippers, nail file, corn plane and pumice stone.

Dermaplaning (or face shaving) – dermaplaning exploded in popularity last year and while it may sound like a fancy, dermatologist only treatment, it really is simply shaving your face with a thin razor. This both removes the vellus hairs on your cheeks and lightly exfoliates your skin. It may seem like a weird thing to shave your face but it actually has a lot of benefits including helping your skincare products to soak in and your makeup to sit better. The trick to doing this treatment at home is to ensure you’re always cleansing your face first, you don’t get too eager and go too hard (less is more) and you can only use each razor for one treatment to prevent the spreading of bacteria.


The beauty treatments you should leave to the professionals

Eyebrow waxing or reshaping – your brow shape can completely change your face so it’s pretty important to leave any major reshaping work to a trained professional who can help to create the perfect shape for your face.

Laser or Electrical Current Treatments – it seems crazy to even mention this but thanks to the global powerhouse that is amazon, crazy at-home beauty tools are gaining popularity and encouraging people to zap their spots, fine-lines and pigmentation at-home. While I can’t speak from personal experience, a little research and a lot of logic suggests it’s best to forgo these trending devices and leave the lasers to an esthetician.

Teeth Whitening – while there are plenty of at-home options for teeth whitening that are both safe and easy to use, none will give you the pearly white and long-lasting results you’re looking for. To get super white teeth, you need pretty strong chemicals and it would be absolutely unsafe if you were able to use these at-home by yourself. Teeth whitening can seem expensive but you’ll be saving money in the long run when you stop buying all of those whitening strips, LED devices, tooth paste and powders that don’t really work.

Hair cutting – I’d be lying if I said I’d never had a chop at my own hair…. But past mistakes aside, anything to do with that gorgeous head of hair of yours is best left to a trained hair stylist. Cutting your own hair is not a good idea. Not only is it pretty much impossible to get the right shape at the back, trimming your ends with scissors that aren’t sharp enough can actually explode the hair shaft causing the end to fray into even more split ends then you started with. Those isolation bangs are not worth it. Put the scissors down!

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