These Masks Will Change Your Skin

I’m all about skin care that packs potent ingredients and actually improves the look of your skin after just one use. There are so many skin care products out there that look good and smell nice, but don’t actually do anything… Honestly who has the time for that?!

I love when I find a new product that really excites me! Vanitè have just added 4 new face masks to their skin care range, and over the past month I’ve been using them all, and loving the results.

Vanitè are all about potent skin care that really improves the skin, they keep their packaging simple as a commitment to sustainability, and they invest their money into their formulas and ingredients. And the best part is all of their products come in at under $40 each.

These 4 new masks each have a different purpose, but all 4 of them will make a visible improvement to your skin after just one use. And if like me, you get into the habit of masking once per week your skin will be clear and glowing within the month.


HYDRATE & NOURISH Sheet Mask ($35) is perfect when your skin is in need of a burst of hydration. It can be used weekly as a part of your skin care routine to combat dry, flaky skin, or used before a special occasion or event, to plump up your skin and make it glow. I used this one before a recent awards night I went to, my skin had dry patches from a retinol product I’d been using and my make-up would grab on the dryness. This mask completely rid me of the dry patches and made my make-up glide on without looking patchy, it also gave me a great radiance.

Key Ingredients

* Plant derived Beta Glucan to boost collagen production and plump the skin.

* Extract from the succulent plant Portulaca Oleracea and Aloe extract, both known for their soothing and restorative properties.

* Hyaluronic Acid for supreme hydration.



BRIGHTEN Mask ($38) offers a deep exfoliation using beautiful fruit enzymes. I use this one in place of my exfoliant once per week.

It works to refine skin texture, reduce pigmentation and increase skin radiance by boosting hydrating and removing dead skin build up. After just one use I could see my skin looked less dry and more hydrated. After using this mask once a week my skin looked so much more radiant, my pigmentation was lighter and the dry skin I had before had been gently exfoliated away.

Key ingredients-

  • Mineral rich Manicouagan Sea Clay sourced from the Manicouagan peninsula in Quebec Canada, which is known for it’s skin brightening properties.
  • Coconut extract and Papaya fruit extract.
  • Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin.
  • Exfoliating Kojic and Lactic Acid.



PURIFY mask ($38)  contains beautiful dead sea minerals to cleanse and restore the skins natural oil balance. It exfoliates dead skin build up and helps to clear blockages, and control breakouts. It also contains skin refining and toning ingredients.

I found after using this mask regularly my skin was less prone to getting oily in my T-zone during the day. It meant my make-up looked perfect for longer and my pores were refined. It can be used each week or whenever you feel like your skin needs a deep cleanse.

Key ingredients

*Dead Sea mud and dead sea minerals known for their oil balancing and deep cleansing properties.

*Exfoliating lactic acid, papaya fruit extract, and kojic acid.

* Niacinamide to refine pores, and improve skin texture.



REJUVENATE Sheet Mask ($35) contains a high performance anti-ageing combination of peptides to improve skin texture and soften fine lines. After using this one my skin felt plump, smooth and looked really glossy under make-up. This one is so good to take travelling, it’s compact and easy to pack, and it gives you a burst of hydration and nutrients to really refresh tired skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Argireline peptide complex known for it’s powerful anti ageing qualities.
  • Aloe and Cucumber extract to soothe and restore the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid for supreme hydration.




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