The Amazing Facial That Will Make You Shed Like a Snake

It’s not often you’d associate a shedding snake with the smoothest and brightest complexion you’ve ever had but it’s time to start.

By this point, we’re all pretty familiar with AHAs and BHAs. They’ve flooded our beauty bags and have quickly become a must-have in any routine since rising in popularity last year. Although chemical peeling seems like something you should be avoiding, it’s really just an accelerated form of exfoliation that encourages skin cell turnover to give you a clearer and healthier looking complexion.

The naturally occurring acids, commonly found in fruits and vegetables, are great at eating away at the top layer of dead skin cells, helping to keep your pores clear as it works. Skinstitut’s Purple Peel takes that idea a few steps further.

Available at Laser Clinics Australia, the Purple Peel is an intense chemical peel and just like the headline suggestions, your skin peels afterwards…a lot! The powerful formula blends Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic and Mandelic acids and is applied in several layers to your cleansed face with each being left to dry in between. Your therapist will watch your skin react throughout to determine how many layers of the solution should be applied so you can be sure you’ll get good results without it being taken too far.

It helps to treat pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of age, uneven skin texture and even acne. It’s a very intense procedure that will have your skin looking it’s best if you have a big event coming up but be sure to leave a few weeks for recovery.

Here’s a basic run through of what to expect…

During – Once the mask is applied to your face, you’ll feel really hot. It’s almost like you’ve been really badly sunburnt and your younger sibling keeps slapping it. Cool air is applied between layers which helps immensely but there will also be a lingering stinging feeling. It’s a little uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt.

Immediately After – Your face will be the reddest you’ve probably ever seen it. Any blackheads you may have will be sitting right on the surface of your face and you’ll probably be pretty shiny. You’ll also still feel warm. At this point, you need to avoid getting your face wet or hot which means no showering and no sun exposure. It’s also really important to not touch your face with anything – your fingers, towels and clothing included. Because your skin is so fragile, you can experience dermal sliding if you’re not careful.

Day One – The day after your peel, your skin will feel sensitive and a little raw if I’m being honest. You can’t wear makeup and should be wary about what you’re using to wash your face. It’s best to stick to a gentle wash with water in the morning, and gentle cleanser free from any actives in the evening.

Day Three – By this point, you’ll start to feel tight and may even begin peeling. Personally, my peeling started with a bit of dryness and rough skin rather than flakiness but everyone is different. It’s important that you don’t start picking your skin or helping the skin flake off. I’d advise avoiding exfoliators and just let your skin do its thing.

Day Five – It will well and truly be flake city on day five. Tight and dry skin turns into flaky skin that’s sitting on your skins surface. You can use a gentle exfoliator at this stage to help get the flakes under control but you still need to be very gentle with your face.

Two weeks later – Everyone will stop peeling at different points but it’s around two weeks after your appointment that you’ll see the best results. Your skin should be clearer with pigmentation faded, blackheads significantly reduced and any texture turned to smooth and glowing skin.

The Purple Peel treats a whole host of concerns but it’s not one to jump straight into. It’s recommended you start with a gentler option so your therapist can assess how your skin reacts to the acids and see if your skin type will react well to the peel. The Laser Clinics Australia team will be able to advise you based on your unique situation. Find your closest clinic here.

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