Everything You Need to Know About Meso Needling Therapy

As in-clinic and spa treatments become more available and affordable, they’re becoming a smart investment into your skin’s health. Technology is advancing at impressive rates and helping to give us a head start in the race to remain looking healthy and youthful.

Every clinic offers its own variety of treatments and specialises in one thing or another. One treatment in particular though, has been increasing in popularity recently and is proving to be a skin saviour in its own right.
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I’m sure you’ve all heard of micro-rolling. Well, it now has a sister who’s a little more advanced, a little more intense and a lot more effective. Mesotherapy or Meso Needling, works similar to micro-rolling in that fine needles pierce the skin, creating micro injuries. The difference with Mesotherapy is that it uses a digital tool, often known as a dermapen, that allows for a more intense treatment that yields better results.

So what exactly are the results?

Well, because the needles are creating micro injuries, your skin goes into defence and repair mode. It begins to increase blood circulation, increase the production of collagen and encourage the turnover of your skin cells.

The benefits of an increase in collagen are obvious. Fine lines are reduced, your skin looks more plump and hydrated and irregular texture on your skin starts to become evened out.

It’s the turnover of skin cells though, that has some unexpected benefits. This turnover begins to reduce pigmentation and discolouration caused from sun exposure or acne scars from the inside out. It can also help to tighten up your pores meaning less blackheads.

The whole idea of tiny needles dotting in and out of your skin across your face may seem a little frightening. Yes, the treatment is not for the faint of heart but really, it’s not what I would call painful. It’s uncomfortable at the most.

The treatment does come with a bit of downtime. Immediately after, expect to be bright red and sensitive. You can’t use any active ingredients for roughly a week afterwards and exfoliating is out of the question as well. As the redness dies down, your skin will start to heal and may get a little dry and flakey as it does.

Personally, four days after my skin was rough and flakey. Six days after, my skin was smooth, glowing and dramatically improved in texture compared to before the treatment. The benefits just continued to show in the following weeks.

One thing to note is that Meso Needling treatments aren’t suitable for anyone with acne. They’re great to remove scars and pigment once your spots have cleared but you can’t have any active spots before the treatment.

Otherwise, it’s a really exciting meeting of beauty, technology and science and is definitely worth a try.

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