Makeup Hacks That Are Actually Worth Trying

The internet is a treasure trove of whacky and wonderful makeup and beauty hacks, but some of them are more time wasting than time saving.

With every second YouTuber swearing by one thing or another, it’s hard to weed out what works and what’s just weird. To help, here’s some tried and trusted makeup hacks for you to try!

  1. Use a cotton tip with miceller water to tidy your eyeliner and shadow. Striving to be perfect at applying a cat eye or cut crease will only leave you frustrated. Instead dipping a cotton tip into miceller water and tidying your edges leaves you a little leeway for imperfect lines without wasting time.
  2. Put cotton pads between your hair and hair clips when doing your makeup.This handy tip allows you to pull the front of your hair off your forehead while you apply makeup without the clips leaving kinks behind.
  3. Mix your primer with eyeshadow pigments for a more intense colour. All you need is a little of the primer on your brush before picking up your eyeshadow colour. If you’re using lose pigments, you can mix the two together to create an intense cream eyeshadow. The primer helps the colour to last longer.
  4. Layer liquid and powder blush for long-lasting results. The combination of both the liquid and powder colours together set into your skin and the layers of colour will last all day giving you that forever rosy glow.
  5. Use brow shadows to fill in your hairline. Baby hairs can make the front of your hair look thin, especially when it’s pulled back. Colouring in the area with a brow shadow or even eyeshadow that is the same colour as your hair helps you fake fullness in an instant.
  6. Use a lighter to melt pencil eyeliners for a creamier formula.This one needs to come with a disclaimer to be careful with the flame and let your eyeliner cool before taking to your eyes. But melting the end of your pencil a little allows it to glide easily across your eyelid giving you a smooth finish.

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