How-To Prevent A Shiny Complexion on Your Wedding Day

Shine; it’s certainly something you aim to do on your wedding day, as long as that shine isn’t coming from your face. Controlling shiny and greasy looking skin is key when it comes to the look you choose for your big day and particularly difficult considering how long you’re expected to wear your makeup and just how much it needs to last through (sunshine, tears, dancing, food, alcohol and did we mention the Olympic sport that is getting your wedding photos?)

The first step to preventing shine is to understand what causes it.

The most common cause of shine is your skins natural oil production and it’s need to produce sebum to fight dehydration and repair your barrier function. Certain skin types are more prone to becoming oily over the course of the day however this is often sped up if you’re dehydrated, have been using too many active ingredients that disrupt your barrier or products that are too alkaline and therefore disrupt your acid mantle.

Another element that causes shine is sweat which can be brought on by anything from heat to spicy foods and even alcohol. So even if you don’t typically get oily skin, that extra dancing and celebratory champagne can really to a number on your complexion and makeup by the evening.

So, here’s how you can help to prevent shine…

Incorporate a toner into your skincare routine

Toners are a great addition to your routine for two main reasons. The first, they work to balance your skin’s PH levels which in turn will begin to regulate your natural oil production. The second, they remove excessive dead skin build up allowing the rest of your skincare ingredients to properly soak in, including any hydrating ingredients! With oil production being linked to dehydrated skin, the more hydrated you are, the less your skin will think it needs to produce more oil to nourish itself.


Set your makeup with a finishing powder

While it may seem counter-productive to achieving a glow, finishing powder can actually do wonderous things in controlling shine while still giving you a diffused and luminous complexion. The key is to go for a powder that is as close to your natural skin colour as possible, ideally with light reflecting particles, and to stay away from ‘translucent powders’. They may be sold as invisible however white finishing powders can leave a white cast when photographed.


Choose an oil-free foundation

An oil-based foundation and greasy looking skin are made for each other so it’s best to steer clear and look for something with a water base. While you’re at it, a matte foundation could be the best choice for achieving a long-lasting, shine-free look. Matte foundations often have a level of oil control in them and you’ll still be able to achieve a luminous finish by mixing in a liquid highlighter or using one over the top of your base in place of powdered highlighters.


Finish with a setting spray

Even if you’re using a finishing powder, a finishing spray will still go a long way in locking in your look and keeping oil-induced slipping and sliding at bay. The right setting spray can add both hydration and hold and will prevent your foundation separating as the day wears on.


Main Image – @chiaraferragni

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