1950’s inspired summer hair and make up glamour

I am in love with this vintage hair and make-up look, 1950’s inspired summer glamour. Think Mad Men, think Marilyn think 1950’s hollywood glamour! I created this look for a shoot for Wish clothing about a month ago. The models name was Natalia and she was gorgeous. Here are my tips on how to recreate this  look-


– Using a firm hold mousse apply generously to the hair and blow dry until it feels dry. I used Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse $6.99.

– Section hair into  three sections about 3 inches wide down each side of the head and down the centre of the head. Set with hot rollers. Hot rollers are a great investment and start at a price anywhere from $30 upwards. The only trick with this style is to ensure the rollers are set rolling the hair away from the face, especially on top of the head. You want the fringe area to roll back away from the face.

– After about 30-40mins remove rollers and spray lightly with a strong hairspray. Then brush through with a wide  and hard bristled brush. Don’t brush too much just enough to turn the curls into smooth waves. I used Fudge Membrane Gas $19.95


–  Apply a bronzer to the sides of the face and nose after your foundation.

– Next apply an Apricot coloured blush to just the apples of the cheeks, so that means just the very front of the cheekbones.  I used Aves Bronze Finch Blush $48.00

– Use a shimmery light brown shadow all over the eyelid blending just up and over the crease.

– Next use a darker charcoal or dark brown matte shadow on the outer corners of the lower lid and apply like an eyeliner to the bottom lash line for a smoky look under the eye. I used a Dior Palette in Smoky Brown $48

– Find an easy to use liquid liner and apply a generous coat to the top lash line starting thin on the inner corner and getting thicker as you get to the outer corners. I find pen like eye liners or sponge tip nib liners easiest to use, even a beginner could get this look right. I used Elizabeth Arden Liquid Liner in Onyx $36

-Next apply a nice black volumising mascara and false lashes if you wish.

– On the lips use a Rasberry Red lippy or a Red / Plum colour. These colours are generally known as winter colours but now they are part of a seasonal trend for summer, the look is kept warm by using the bronzer and keeping the complexion warm and golden. I used Sax Lipstick in Plum Spice $14.95

-Add a touch of red or clear gloss for extra voluptuous lips!

And Voila ! Smokin hot 1950’s hollywood glamour xx