10 Tips To Toning Up For Summer

shutterstock_96828496 BEAC BODSMALLIt’s that time of year when we all want to know the best ways to tone up for summer. I asked fitness trainer Jade Davies for her top 10 tips for toning up!

1. A summer body is made in winter. Get started early and you’ll have plenty of time to get your body feeling and looking amazing.

2. Muscle + Less Fat = Tone. In order to see tone you need to increase muscle size and reduce the layer of fat hiding the shape of the muscle underneath.

3. Body weight resistance training. Not only are they simple and easy exercises, that require no equipment and can be done anywhere, but you will burn calories for longer even after you have stopped exercising.

4. Do cardio in short bursts. For example 40 seconds high intensity with 20 seconds of active recovery, and repeat. Integrated in to a circuit (see below) is a great way to burn more calories.

5. Target those areas that haven’t been seen for a while. For Example

  • Single leg dead lift (bum)
  • Step ups (Quads and bum)
  • Plies squats (inner thighs and outer bum)
  • Bridges (bum and back)
  • Plank with Arm Raises (all over)
  • Side plank (waistline)
  • Push up (chest and shoulders)
  • Triceps extensions
  • High intensity intervals (cardio, e.g. jogging, sprinting, cycling, rowing etc.)
  • Shoulder Stand for 5 mins before bed (reduce appearance of cellulite)

6. Complete total body work outs . “What exercise can I do to get rid of the fat around my stomach?” There isn’t one, the body burns fat evenly all over the body, it just depends on the distribution of fat cells. All over body work out tones the entire body whilst burning large amounts of calories.

7. Consistency – if you want to see results consistency is the key. If you can only fit in 10/20/30 minutes, something is better then nothing. Try not to kill yourself one week, then do nothing the next week because of time restraints. 3 times a week is the perfect amount to aim for.

8. You  are what you eat – not only do you need to be eating food that is good for you but foods that will help you recover. Food that is nourishing, helps repair muscle fibres, restore energy levels and aid adaption (i.e. tone). And of course WATER WATER WATER. A dehydrated muscle cell is shrivelled like a sultana; a hydrated muscle cell is plump and juicy, therefore more visible.

9. Mix it up – Trying something different is not only great for motivation levels but also good for your body. Getting your body moving in different ways all the time won’t over train certain parts of your body.

10. Get a tan – fake of course! A natural looking tan is very flattering on the body shape and will make you feel great!

Jade Davies is a personal trainer based in Newcastle NSW. Click HERE to contact.