10 Healthy Ways To Do Bali

Guilty of checking your emails before you sleep, snapchatting while you walk and sleeping with your phone? It may be time for a digital detox. In the fast paced and digitally-connected world we live in today, sometimes a getaway is just what your body, mind and soul needs, to step back, switch off and reconnect – hence the rise of the ‘wellcation’.

Bali is a popular hot spot for Aussies who are looking for an island escape, but did you know it’s also the epicentre of the wellness movement?

We spoke to Gordon Bayne, Head of Travel at Scoopon, for the top 10 ways to make your next Bali break a healthy retreat you’ll never forget.


Try: A Relaxing Spa Treatment at Banyan Tree Ungasen

It’s near impossible to visit Bali without indulging in a little spa treatment, but the trick is finding the right one. Banyan Tree Spa is the kind of sanctuary where authenticity reigns supreme. Specialising in Asian therapies, opt for the Royal Banyan package, a signature therapy whereby east-meets-west massage techniques are put to serious action to help improve your blood circulation and muscular tension. This divine, sensory experience is bound to alleviate any stress that’s on your mind.


Try: A 3-Day Raw Food Course at Ubud Sari Health Resort

They say you are what you eat and with processed foods become harder to avoid, it’s no wonder why sometimes your diet can get you down. The 3-day raw food course at Ubud Sari will revitalise your approach to healthy eating.

Each day includes a raw food preparation class and three raw meals, not to mention a daily massage and yoga class! The course also teaches you how to make raw food a reality when you return home, so you can blend the magic of Bali into your everyday lifestyle.


Try: The Zen Harmony Diving at Zen Resort Bali

Zen Harmony Diving is an innovative integration of diving and health, designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, whilst simultaneously allowing you to discover Bali’s beautiful underwater oasis. Catering for everyone from beginners to experienced divers, the entire package revolves around breathing exercises, meditation and diving. Guests can also receive free fitness and health consultations with holistic wellness doctors and therapists.


TRY: Say ‘Om’ At The Yoga Barn

Ubud is the yoga capital of Bali and The Yoga Barn is easily the destination of choice for yoga fans. Hidden in the hills of Ubud and set amidst terraced rice paddies, it’s the perfect place to practice yoga. A plethora of classes and workshops are run throughout the day, covering everything from Tibetan Bowl meditation and Vinyasa yoga, to introductory classes for newbies. Once you’re done unwinding, head to the Garden Kafe for vegan treats.


Try: Restful Solitude at Bali Silent Retreat

Bali Silent Retreat is a restorative and inspirational sanctuary focused on mindful meditation, yoga and prayer – also known as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A typical day kick starts with silent meditation, giving you time to clear your thoughts, followed by a yoga class and hot springs spa experience. In addition, enjoy leisurely hikes through Bali’s beautiful rice terraces and local villages, and spiritual fire ceremonies before you retire for the night. It’s the digital detox you never knew you’d enjoy.


Try: Zula Vegetarian Paradise 

When you arrive at Zula’s Vegetarian Paradise you’ll quickly notice the line sneaking out the front door – always a good sign. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu changes seasonally and provides the freshest produce. It’s hard to go past the Dragon Bowl for a quick lunch snack, topped off with Tofu Lemon Cheesecake for dessert. Organic eating never tasted so good!


TRY: A Fun Run at Ayana Resort

Jimbaran’s Ayana Resort is known as one of Bali’s most spectacular hotels, not least for its dizzying clifftop location and infamous Rock Bar. The resort also hosts a daily fun run on its private Kubu Beach. Kicking off at sunset, the run takes you along the southern coastline, a world away from any kind of treadmill. Catering to all fitness levels, run at your own pace and challenge yourself with exercises guided by the instructor, or simply get distracted by the breathtaking views.


Try: A Herbal Healing Djamoe Wellbeing Class

Djamoe is a traditional Javanese rejuvenation drink, combining herbs, spices, leafs, roots and flowers. Recipes are passed on through generations but now you can take a private class and learn the secrets of Djamoe in the heart of Bali. Enjoy this wellbeing class at The Tugu Hotel where it’s set in an authentic and mildly dramatised Javanese kitchen.


Try: Nalu Bowls

There’s nothing like a sweet and refreshing smoothie bowl on those balmy Bali days. Inspired by Hawaii and tropical ingredients, Nalu Bowls is your go-to destination in Bali for healthy and delicious smoothie bowls that are chock full of local ingredients like dragon fruit, fresh coconut flesh, mango, papaya, spinach and banana. Not only will your taste buds enjoy the treat, your Instagram feed will too – with bowls this good looking, watch the ‘likes’ flood in.


Try: A Wellness Retreat at Bali Vitality

Feeling sluggish? Situated in Ubud, Bali Vitality is a wellness retreat that focuses on juice detoxing. For beginners, try the 3-day Fabulous Kick Start program, which includes introduction classes, fruit and vegetables, as well as accommodation and spa treatments. When you’re not juicing, enjoy Balinese hot stone massages, in addition to hydrotherapy sessions and infra-red detox saunas, just to name a few. If you’re keen to kick-start your metabolism and leave Bali looking lean and feeling fine, then this is the place for you.

Are you ready for your ‘wellcation’? Head to Scoopon and check out the latest travel deals for a trip to Bali.