10 Beauty Products to Take On Your Honeymoon

With the stresses of planning a wedding in full force, Honeymoon’s often serve as the shining oasis at the end of what’s said to be one of the biggest days of your life. But with so much going on, it’s easy to put it to the back of your mind and be left in last minute packing frenzy so we’re here to help.

Packing light is always the way to go. Not only is it a more practical way to move around, there’s psychological benefits to living lighter and it can help to reduce stress to carry as little as possible.

In saying that, you still want to be able to keep up your skincare routine and perfect your makeup for the countless photos you’re bound to take. That’s where a carefully edited beauty bag comes in handy. Here’s the 10 essential items to put onto your packing checklist…


Sunscreen – It’s always my number one choice no matter what the day or occasion. Sunscreen is a must and unfortunately, that SPF 15 in your foundation doesn’t count. Choose an SPF 50+ and wear it all day, every day to prevent sunburn and signs of ageing.


A Cleanser – More important than putting anything on to your face on holidays is taking it all off. City grime, salt water, sweat and a change in weather conditions can all effect your skin and should be properly cleaned off your face each evening.


Body Moisturiser – Spending days swanning between the ocean, sand, poolside bar and dinner hotspots can have a surprisingly drying effect on your skin so be sure to take a lightweight body moisturiser to keep your limbs in tip-top shape.


Face Moisturiser – In my opinion, a great moisturiser is the second most important thing behind sunscreen to be putting on your face and a must-have for your honeymoon.


A BB or CC Cream – You’ve probably just spent a lot of time and money getting your skin in great condition for your wedding so why hide that? Or worse, reverse all that hard work by using foundation in hot and humid or busy city conditions? A tinted BB or CC cream is a lighter way to create your base and be gentle on your skin.


Concealer – When you’re going lighter on your base, a creamy concealer provides the perfect finishing touch to rid any dark circles or imperfections without having to do your full makeup routine.


A Lip Palette – Whether you’re travelling to an island paradise, taking a city break or spending some time in the wilderness, a bright lipstick screams vacation. Leave your individual tubes at home and instead opt for a multi-colour lip palette for maximum variety.


Mascara – A slick of mascara can completely change your face and of all beauty products gives maximum impact for minimum effort. Be sure to choose a waterproof formula and preferably one that can easily be built up to customise your look.


Pumice Stone – It may not be the first thing you think of but it’s an essential beauty tool if you’re planning on wearing open toe or heel shoes. Nobody wants to see rough and cracked heels and it’s often while travelling, beaching and exploring that we experience them most. A quick scrub with a pumice stone after the shower each day will help.


Nail Care Kit – The last thing your Instagram needs is gorgeous picture of your sparkly new ring on your honeymoon with a chipped or unshaped nail. Just like it does our skin, long-haul travel can dry your nail beds out and leave them susceptible to breaking so always carry a mini nail file.


featured image via instagram @sheinthemaking