17 Jun Winter Hair Woes- Battling with a Dry Scalp

Cait summer 2 S

Its that time of year when the humidity drops, the cold kicks in and our skin tends to dry out. To my relief when the cool weather comes out goes the dreaded summer frizz. Yes!!!! I straighten my hair and it stays straight and smooth! It’s heavenly because during the summer months I’m constantly battling the humidity.

Just as I’m blissfully enjoying my new ‘un-frizzy’ hair my scalp starts to itch…. It itches while I sleep, when I work…. All the time! Its as if the moisture gets sucked right out of there. I feel like my hair is dry too, the split ends are more noticeable and it feels kind of squeaky dry….

Just like a flower grows from the soil, our hair grows from the scalp and how can a beautiful flower grow if the soil is dry? Besides being highly irritating an itchy scalp isn’t something you shouldn’t ignore. The scalp has a huge effect on the over all look and health of our hair and like most things it’s usually what’s going on inside of our bodies that’s dictating what’s happening on the outside.

There are a whole bunch of vitamins crucial to ultimate scalp health like zinc, collagen, silica, iron and essential fatty acids but its not uncommon for hormones or something as simple as the weather to dehydrate our scalp enough to cause problems.

Stress is also another big one. If you’re stressed and your hair is looking lack-lustre it’s more than likely it’s the stress causing damage to your scalp and hair. Stress is known to cause thinning of the hair, greasiness from excess oil production and prematurely turns the hair grey…Eeek!

So what are the options for those of us suffering a dry scalp and general winter hair woes? Here are a few things to consider….

Firstly make a concentrated effort to distress a little, take a relaxing bath regularly, do a meditation class, catch up with friends more often, you get the gist! Do more of what makes you smile and your hair will thank you for it. Make sure you are using a good nourishing shampoo and conditioner. The products you use are also a common cause of scalp irritation so make sure you are using something that works for you and doesn’t leave you feeling itchy between washes. Rule out any deficiencies like iron, and make sure you are eating plenty of berries, nuts and citrus fruits which are rich in collagen and not only help to combat wrinkles but also add protection to the hair shaft and scalp.

An inexpensive home remedy that I have become very fond of is massaging oil into the scalp. About once a fortnight I massage some organic coconut oil, or rosehip oil, or both into my scalp. I leave it on for about 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual. My scalp and hair feels AMAZING afterward.

And a brilliant remedy for split ends is mashing an avocado with a spoonful of olive oil and massaging it into the ends of the hair. Wash it out after 30 minutes and you have glossy, hydrated ends.

Post written by me for the Yahoo7 Pantene Blogger Wall