17 Mar Why You Should Book An Active Holiday

We live in a time where the majority of the population spends much of their day sitting, be it for work, to watch TV or to commute, before jumping into bed for another 7-10 hours. In fact, it’s estimated that 77% of workers spend their entire day sitting.

So if you are someone who’s dying to get out and be active, or if you just want to create some healthy habits, an active holiday is for you.


As mentioned above, it’s estimated that more than three quarters of us spend our entire days sitting!

Aside from weight gain and all of the other health problems associated with that, sitting for an extended period of time can also lead to a whole host of health issues from bad posture and gut issues to anxiety and depression.

Rather than using your leave to party hard, sleep all day and get more unhealthy, why not channel some of that energy into being active, spending some time outdoors, exploring new areas or trying new things.

As the Christmas holiday is generally spent indulging, taking a break mid year for wellness can be just what you need. Who wants to waste a day off with a hangover anyway?


There is a reason why people tend to make resolutions in January.

By the time Jan 1 rolls around, most people have had a good week or so off to celebrate and reflect on their lives, giving them time to make a list of changes and an action plan to help in achieving them.

Then a few months into the year some of us may start to see some old habits creeping back in. Try as you might, sometimes it can be difficult to create new healthy habits, or break old ones when you are in the thick of things.

Taking time out on an active break can allow you to look at your life from a distance and from there decide what you can tweak and where you can fit things in.


While on holidays I’m sure work is far from most of our minds, however it is a big part of our lives so being productive and enjoying the ride is a must!

So with that in mind, experts have identified that a stress overload from not taking regular breaks can damage productivity and work performance.

It’s not enough to take time off and just stay home because odds are your colleagues will call or you will still be keeping an eye on your emails. The key is to find a separate space where you can rejuvenate and find balance.

Furthermore, a lot of stressed and run down people tend to experience sleeping difficult. Paired with high stress levels, it quickly becomes a disaster for your brains performance and efficiency.

Taking a break to catch up on some sleep can be very beneficial, and adding physical activity into your day will only help you get to sleep faster.


Whether you are after a cleansing retreat, a sleep holiday, a Muoy Thai training experience or an active experience with five star food, there are so many ‘well-cation’ options available these days, that you will no doubt find one to suit your needs.

Flow Athletic are about to host their first escape CLEAN BREAKS at the luxurious Melia Bali in Nusa Dua.

They will be offering daily fitness and yoga classes, adventure activities, and have also partnered with the premier eateries in the area, so guests will get to enjoy fine dining and all that the area has to offer.

It’s a great break for those who want to be active, but still have a luxurious dining experience.


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Ben Lucas is the owner of Sydney’s premier luxe fitness and yoga studio Flow Athletic.

Flow Athletic will be hosting their first luxury escape between May 28- June 2 at Melia Bali in Nusa Dua. Daily fitness classes will be taken by Ben, and yoga classes by Australia’s top yoga instructor, Kate Kendall.