Who Said You Can’t Put Sunscreen on Wet Skin?

We all know the rule that you have to apply sunscreen on dry skin and wait 15 mins before going swimming for it to be effective right? Well that may just be untrue….

Neutrogena have delivered an innovative new sunscreen called ‘Wet Skin’ which as the name suggests can be applied to wet skin. Having two small children I know what a hassle it can be to make sure they are completely dry before  I apply sunscreen. Neutrogena Wet Skin saves time, and also saves you from the white dripping mess that other sunscreens can create when applied on wet skin.

With one of the sunscreens specifically created for kids  this is an essential for all beach going parents. The adult spray is also lightweight, high protection and 4hrs water resistant. Neutrogena Wet Skin products are oil free which is great for those who suffer from clogged pores or breakouts. I love this sunscreen, it ticks all the boxes. Im taking it away with me this weekend, all I need now is sunshine!!! fingers crossed ….

Neutrogena Wet Skin $14.99- For Stockists 1800 678 380