24 Feb What is the BEST method of hair removal?

barbara_palvin7What is the best method of hair removal? We all know about the most popular methods of hair removal- Laser, Shaving and Waxing and yet it still remains unclear on which method is the best. There is no denying the growing popularity of laser hair removal but it may not be best for every area…. Here is my best advice on the confusing world of hair removal.

What’s best Laser, Waxing , Shaving?

Laser is a more permanent method of hair removal. And while it may cost more, results will be permanent. After an initial course of treatments you will only need a touch up treatment every 6 – 12 months and boy does it feel great not having to worry about whether your bikini line is beach ready or not. Laser is also great on the underarms, they stay bump free and feel soft and smooth. So I think that laser is by far the best for bikini and underarms, but not so for legs and facial areas. Waxing is a great method for smaller areas like eyebrows and upper lip which aren’t easy to treat with laser. On the legs its best to either wax or shave, this is because after laser IPL treatment you need to keep out of the sun or you risk getting pigmentation and the legs are one part of the skin that cop the most sun.

 What brands are best when it comes to hair removal?
I have a Phillips Lumea IPL system which is DIY laser hair removal. I can use it whenever I need to in the comfort of my own home. Phillips Lumea IPL cost around $1200 but after the intial $ outlay you will be way ahead if you add up the cost of ongoing laser treatments in a salon. For shaving I love the Venus Pro Skin Razor and shaving cream, your legs feel amazingly smooth after using it! For DIY waxing I love the nads roll on applicator for small areas like eyebrows and upper lip- no mess and easy to use.
How can you prep for hair removal?
Good exfoliation, you should keep a loofah or exfoliating glove in the shower and use it at least twice a week. Before waxing you should make sure the skin is clean and free of moisturiser or lotion.
Tips-Remember to do your hair removal before you use self tan. Waxing and shaving will strip off your tan.

Laser treatments are an excellent solution for those who suffer from ingrown hairs. If you do suffer from ingrowns and insist on waxing invest in a good ingrow stopper lotion, these are widely available from your local beauty salon or pharmacy and work really well. They are also great for men who suffer from stubble rash.