17 Apr What is Invisalign?

More and more often people are talking about Invisalign. Invisialign is a modern alternative to braces which straightens the teeth, and as the name suggests is virtually invisible.
In this day and age if you had to choose between the standard ‘train track’ braces or an undetectable and invisible alternative you’d almost certainly opt for the Invisalign.
Invisalign work in a series of clear plastic aligners starting from aligner number 1. Each week or fortnight you move on to the next aligner, and as you progress through the series of aligners your teeth gradually move into their perfect position. The technology involved in Invisalign is nothing short of amazing, its’ hard to believe these very light-weight clear plastic aligners have the strength to move teeth around in the same way that braces do.
Renowned Sydney dentist Dr Yassmin from Broadway Dental recommended that I start using Invisalign last year. I’m now onto aligner 23 out of a series of 33. I like to think I’m on the home stretch now! I’ve found my teeth are standing more upright from the root and my smile is looking fuller. So far my experience with Invisalign has been great. They’re really easy to use, you take them out each time you eat and no one can tell when I’m wearing them. I’m really excited to see my end result, I can already tell my smile is going to look great!
If you’re concerned about your teeth being crooked, twisted or gappy Invisalign are a great option to correct your smile. Once you’ve done it and your teeth are looking great, you’ll feel a million bucks! It really does boost your confidence. I made this little video so you can see exactly what Invisalign look like and how easy they are to use. I also put in the end of the video a cool computer generated picture of how my teeth were, and how they’ll move during the course of my Invisalign, ending in the final (fuller and straighter) result.
If you’re thinking about taking steps to improve your smile make sure you only go to a top dental expert.
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