12 Mar Ultimate Hair Colour- At Home!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Foam 465 Dark Chocolate Brown 75mL-800x800Over the last few years I’ve been back and forth between doing my own hair colour and getting a stylist to do it. I hate to admit it but I have a few greys that need covering now and DIY hair colour just didn’t seem to cover them for long enough. I had also had a few dodgy ginger-ish colour results from DIY products so recently it has been stylist over DIY.

Just around the time I needed my roots re-done I discovered Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour at the local pharmacy. Knowing I wouldn’t have time to get to the hairdresser in the next few days I thought I’d give this product a go. Being a skeptic of DIY hair colour there were two things that sold me on this product-

*The fact it was a foam. Foam hair colours are no mess, no fuss. Easy to apply and I don’t end up with black blobs all over my white bathroom.

* The fact it was a multi-usage product. This is unheard of! All other DIY hair colours are throw away after one use. This product can last up to 4 root applications! Brilliant! Perfect to have in the cupboard for those touch up’s between salon visits or to do yourself.

I am so happy with the result. The colour is brilliant, super shiny and my hair feels more manageable and silky. It looks great!

I used Dark Brown 400 Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour $24.99 available at Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and other leading retailers and pharmacies nation wide.

hair col_Fotor1