U little Beauty!

Putting your hair through a month of constant sun, chlorine and salt is nothing short of hell for your hair. And that’s exactly where I’m at. After my month long tropical hiatus my hair is suffering, it feels dry brittle and porous.

To give my hair that extra little bit of love I’ve been using U Little Beauty Natural Repair Hair Mask as a conditioner for each wash. The Natural Repair Mask is a deep-conditioning protein based treatment. It’s rich in Coconut oil and Soy protein and because of this it leaves the hair silky smooth. After each wash it just seems to breath a bit of life back into my hair.

If your hair isn’t overly dry or damaged i’d recommend using this treatment every second or third wash, just to deeply condition. However, if like me your hair needs instant revival don’t hesitate to use it every wash until your hair is in better condition. My hair feels SO much better after I use it.

A vacation is definitely worth it, but while we are basking in the sun and salt our hair is suffering- but it’s nothing that  can’t be reversed with a little extra TLC.

U Little Beauty Natural Repair Mask costs $19.95. For stockists CLICK HERE.