11 Jan TREND ALERT- Vamp Lips

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How to pull off the Vampy Lip:

1: Make sure lips are smooth and hydrated. Before applying colour gently exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush moving it in circular motions or apply a lip scrub to your lips and rub together.

2: Applying a lip primer to your lips will hydrate and lock in the colour, it will also make the colour last longer.

3: Next, line and fill in your lips with a lip liner to add depth and dimension. Again this is going to make the lipstick last longer and will stop the colour from bleeding.

4: Now to apply the colour. To apply easily, use a lip brush, this will give you more control and is easiest to apply evenly to the lips. Start from the centre of your lips and work your way outwards.

5: If you accidently go outside of your lip line simply use a cotton bud to swipe around the edge of your lips, then use a concealer brush and a bit of foundation and go around the edge of the lips to tidy. This will create a clean, crisp vampy lip.

The result is ultra sexy and feminine with a vampy twist.


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