04 Aug Topsy Tail’d

At first glance the topsy tail hair tool brought with it a flood of childhood memories, getting my mum to do my hair with it everyday before school. I was a little obsessed with having my hair topsy tailed and funnily enough after recently throwing a couple of Scunci Topsy Tail tools into my kit I have rekindled my obsession with a topsy tail and have been creating some REALLY cool hairstyles with it.
It’s super easy to use and actually a really simple concept by turning your ponytail upside down. I have played with sleek smooth hair, tousled messy hair and even coloured hair and all of them looked amazing!!


Scunci Topsy Tail Tool Set $9.95


A basic pony tail which has been topsy tailed on the left. On the right I plaited a section on each side from the front and tucked it into the topsy tail.


In this style I wound up and pinned the loose pony tail into a messy bun.


Side view, showing the front plaited sections.


I recently used the topsy tail on the latest campaign for fashion label Ladakh. I also used the Scunci hair chalk through the ends of the hair.