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It was my birthday last weekend… another year on the wrong side of 30. Getting into my thirties doesn’t really bother me, but the effects of aging skin are hard to ignore. Creases where there were no creases before, lines looking more exaggerated, and the skin looking a bit more saggy. Saying that, my skin looks pretty good for my age, I take really good care of it. I use great products and I’m always willing to try the latest and greatest in skin care technology. I’m pretty knowledgeable when it come to most serious skin care treatments available, and I love doing regular peels, microdermabrasion and even Fraxel to keep my skin clear, pigmentation minimal and sun damage at bay. However when someone suggested I try Thermage, I realised I knew very little about the treatment other than the fact people (including celebrities ) swear by it. But what did it do? How did it do it? How much did it cost? Did it hurt? Did it really work?After a bit of research I learned that Thermage promised to make the skin look significantly firmer and more contoured, with some visible results immediately after the treatment. It’s a non- invasive treatment which uses pulses of radio frequency to stimulate new natural collagen growth and tighten the skin, while some results will be seen immediately after the treatment the rest will continue to appear gradually over the next 6 months. To date more than 1 million Thermage treatments have been performed all over the world and it’s not just for the face, many women opt to have Thermage on the thighs, buttocks, and stomach too. Thermage costs anywhere between $1500-$3,000 per treatment which is by no means cheap, but considering the documented skin improvements it creates, all who’ve had it swear it’s worth it. There’s no down time, after the treatment you can head straight back to work which explains why it’s been dubbed ‘The Lunchtime Face Lift’ by Oprah.

With nothing to loose I decided to give Thermage a go. I liked the fact that it was a non invasive treatment yet could achieve similar yet more natural looking result to fillers. I had the treatment with my skin angels at The Clinic Bondi Junction which took around an hour and a half. The treatment was mostly comfortable and pain free although I did get the occasional sensitivity/hot sensation around my jawline which was uncomfortable, I’m told this is caused by the presence of nerves below the surface of the skin but it wasn’t by any means agonizing. I thought it would be hard to see any difference straight away and that I’d have to wait to see results but I was actually really surprised at how obvious the improvements were from the get-go. Immediately after the treatment I could feel my skin was significantly tighter, plumper and felt thicker. Because my skin was thicker and plumper it made the lines around my mouth look less obvious and it made my cheeks look fuller. Apparently this is only 10% of the result, the other 90% will come in the next few months and I’m really excited to see what changes it will bring. I’ll be sure to post pictures and show off my results so watch this space….. In the meantime check out my before and afters from the day of the treatment below…. And excuse the scary no make-up ‘After’ shots…

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