The Trial

With Actor Toby Trusslove

A few months back I was make-up director on a TV drama called ‘The Trial’. I haven’t worked in TV much over the last few years and have been mainly working in fashion. The Trial is a story of some young travellers who decide to take part in a clinical trial to earn some quick money. They have no idea what drugs they are being given and the show captures the funny and the serious events that unfold during the trial. The make-up was a far cry from the usual ‘making beautiful girls look more beautiful’ I am so used to on fashion jobs. The brief was to make the guys look ill at different stages of the trial, and although it was a complete turn around from the norm for me it was FUN! So many laughs were had during the making of this pilot and sitting around in a hospital ward with a bunch of extroverted actors and comedians there was never a dull moment!

And it never hurts to brush up on my special effects.

Finishing touches on Gyton Grantley- who played a do-gooder canadian, a far cry from Carl Williams!


With Julia Morris who is even more hilarious in real life!

Actor Luke Ford going over some lines. Luke had only just chopped off his mullet after shooting 'Brothers in Arms' which is now showing on channel 10.

Perfecting a french roll for Rachel Coopes who played the Doctor.

Doing some nasty looking special effects on Simon.