08 Jan The Skin Resolution

kate-moss-harpers-bazaar-may-1998-sun-forgivenCome January inevitably our focus shifts from partying and festivities to cleansing our bodies, loosing weight and cleaning up our diet. But what about our skin? Sure, committing to a detox or cleanse will see some improvement in the skin but what about taking it one little step further. What about a small commitment to better skin in 2014?

A new year skin resolution! If you can commit to one if not several ways of improving or taking better care of your skin during 2014 you might surprise yourself with some positive results.

Here are a few suggestions!

NO SUNBURN! Absolutely none. It’s not hard, really it’s not. Stock up on sunscreen, keep it in the car, in the house, in your handbag. And better still use a natural foundation make-up that offers a natural SPF protection. Sun exposure is the quickest way to wrinkles, discolouration and skin cancer. Too much sun exposure accelerates the ageing process dramatically and rapidly depletes collagen production so unless you want to look like a leather handbag stop getting burnt! By all means still love the beach and the outdoors, just wear a hat and sunscreen… simple!

ZERO CHEMICALS I know it might be hard and costly to do a complete overhaul of your cosmetics but even if you could pick just one product that you use each day and swap it for an all natural organic alternative you will be cutting down on the amount of chemicals you are rubbing into the most absorbent organ of the body. This should be an easy commitment to make with a great range of Australian made 100% natural and organic products widely available across the country. Do your research though, many brands claim to be ‘natural’ but are only adding a few natural ingredients to a chemical laden product. Going organic used to be expensive but with some great brands  available we can have  a range of beautiful organic products  under $30.

CLEANSE with a cleanser not soap or a wipe! Make sure that each day you are removing the days grime from your pores with a real cleanser. Use something gentle that removes your make-up at the same time. Avoid harsh cleansers loaded with alcohol which will just leave your skin looking pink, being stripped of any natural oils and it will eventually make you start over producing oil, exactly the problem you’re probably trying to fix.

STOP SQUEEZING Every time you get to the mirror to squeeze a spot or a blackhead pull yourself together and walk away! Sooooo many people are in the bad habit of squeezing spots and blackheads (including myself) when you will most likely be leaving your self with an unnecessary scar or really enlarged pores. Yes thats right squeezing stretches the pores, they enlarge and stay that way forever! Eek!

Good luck and bring on 2014! Happy New Year xoxo