14 Dec The Perfect Gift To Take Away The Stress

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Tis the silly season! Budgets are blown, shops are chaotic and all in all it’s a very stressful time of year. Scarily more than half of all Australian women experience heightened stress levels during the Christmas period. The most stressful task is Christmas shopping with most women spending on average around 10 hours shopping! Yikes. Winding up the year also means plenty of parties and social occasions at which we eat more junk food than usual, consume more alcohol, and end up more fatigued which are all factors that exacerbate stress levels.

Dr Lily Tomas says that having a massage during or after a stressful period can help to significantly reduce stress levels. ” The most common signs of stress are irritability, tiredness, headaches, anxiety, nausea, heart palpitations and insomnia.” says Dr Tomas. Dr Tomas also says that a massage “reduces the levels or cortisol ( the hormone released when you are stressed), reduces tension in the muscles, lowers blood pressure , slows the heart rate, and improves the immune system.” Could a massage voucher be the perfect gift?….

It sure makes shopping easier, and it’s a great gift idea and it actually reduces stress levels! Perfect!

From experience I know that a trip to an Endota Spa is always a magical one. From the minute you walk in you feel relaxed and tension begins to disappear. Each spa is a tranquil and soothing haven and with 90 Endota Spa’s throughout Australia you are sure to find one near enough to experience the bliss for yourself.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase at 90 locations across Australia – visit www.endotadayspa.com.au  to find your local spa and pop in to pick up a gift voucher today.


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