16 Apr The Making Of A Moisturiser

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I was recently presented with a rare opportunity, to delve a little deeper into the science behind skin care with a science lesson taught by one of the world’s leading skin care scientists. Of course, I was eager to take part as I’d often wondered what really goes into skin care products? With the opportunity before me, I was going to find out! My time in the lab was with David Khoo, Senior Skin Care Scientist at Olay. David is the man behind the formulas of some Olay products that we’d all consider household names. He knows what ingredients a good product needs, exactly how it should be created and he uses this knowledge to formulate best selling products for Olay.

Under David’s instruction and with 5 simple ingredients mixed in a glass jar we made a moisturiser in just minutes. It was fun to see just how simple it was to create the moisturiser, however basic it may be. Our moisturiser looked and felt like a moisturiser but it was unrefined and very simple- more like the foundations of a good moisturiser but lacking in richness and texture. What David taught us is that all moisturisers are made from the same simple ingredients, but to make it a great moisturiser it needs to incorporate some luxurious ingredients and cutting edge technology. For example, in formulating a product like Olay Regenerist David would add ingredients like an Amino-peptide complex which is proven to help with skin renewal, and another ingredient to thicken the product and give the cream a more luxurious feel. All in all it really pointed out that anyone can make a moisturiser, but Olay products are expertly combined and formulated by scientists using the most cutting edge technology and luxurious ingredients.