The Facts You MUST Know About Juvederm Treatments

woman-with-botox-needleEver since scientists turned their expertise into creating products and technologies that give people the chance to restore their youthful looks, new products and procedures have been popping up every year. Some have been received positively both by the customers and the medical community.

Juvederm treatments happen to be one of the favoured ones. It’s a popular “wrinkle filler” and has been carried out in certified clinics since 2006. It is used to smooth out the wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and laugh lines around the mouth. As a dermal filler, it can be injected in “hollow” areas of the skin that are usually caused by deep wounds and concave scars. This treatment is also considered as an alternative for lip augmentation.

What Is Juvederm? How Is It Administered?

Juvederm is actually a type of hyaluronic acid manufactured as a gel dermal filler. This gel is then injected in targeted areas of the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by the body, Juvederm is widely accepted as a safe substance that the body can learn to accept and acclimate to. It has also been approved by the FDA—in fact it is the only one approved so far—to last for up to one year after injection.

Depending on the severity of the wrinkles and sagginess of the skin, the doctors may recommend any of the three types of the gel based on strength. There’s Juvederm 18, 24, or 30. Juvederm 18 is the lowest in strength of the three. It is also injected closest to the surface of the skin. The higher the number is, the deeper it is injected because the higher its strength is.

Juvederm works for the most part because hyaluronic acid is a rapid water absorber. It therefore accumulates mass and volume. When injected just underneath sagging or wrinkling skin, the gel soon increases in volume and stretches and smooths the skin above. Hyaluronic acid also latches on to collagen and elastin, and promotes the delivery of essential nutrients to the skin tissue.

Caution About Juvederm Treatments

Not everything about this treatment is all dandy. Like any other cosmetic treatment, there have been reports of negative side effects that several patients had the misfortune to experience. These side effects include lingering pain after the procedure, pain during the procedure, redness and soreness, swelling, bruising, and the gel spreading to areas they were not meant to be.

Of course, these visible negative effects will happen only if the patient is incompatible with the product; that is, the body rejects the substance and will not allow itself to acclimate to the gel. The most severe side-effect observed thus far is the formation of facial lumps. These are called granulomas, and are unfortunately very difficult to treat. It is therefore important to request a compatibility test from your clinic first.

Patients should also know that like most cosmetic procedures, Juvederm treatment is not permanent. They will have to go through several sessions in order to prolong the effects of the substance. What happens is the body eventually absorbs the hyaluronic acid injected beneath the skin. That is why after several months, faint wrinkles and lines will begin to reappear. The gel will then have to be replaced to maintain the smoothness of the skin above.

How long does it take before the body absorbs most of the hyaluronic acid and wrinkles become visible again? It depends on several factors. The dosage, the strength of the gel used, and the natural reaction of the patient to the substance all factor in the effectiveness of the treatment. According to records, it may take as long as one year before a follow-up session will be required. Some are not so lucky and need to repeat the procedure as soon as six months after the first.

The treatments themselves can cost $300-$1000 per syringe. Depending on the severity or extent of the skin that is to be treated, a patient may need a higher dosage or more than one syringe. The cost of the product will also depend on the supply available in your area and the demand for the product.

Understand that not everyone will react similarly to a cosmetic procedure, or indeed a substance such as Juvederm. Each person has a unique physical makeup, and his or her body’s reactions may not necessarily stick with the expected norm. Keep an open mind if ever you decide to give this treatment a try.

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