Sydneys One Stop Wellness Center- Detoxologie



I felt I needed a post silly season pick me up in early January. I was feeling sluggish and bloated and I needed some help getting my wellbeing back on track. A friend suggested I head into Detoxologie in Bondi Junction to see what treatments they could offer. At Detoxologie they strongly believe that a healthy body starts with healthy digestion, so they focus on getting your digestive health where it should be in order to rebalance every other aspect of your health.  They offer cutting edge technology and natural holistic therapies with expert therapists who will prescribe a treatment plan to rejuvenate, rebalance, restore and heal your body.

The team suggested I try a lymphatic drainage massage and a colon hydrotherapy treatment to help rid my body of excess toxins and help with the bloating. The Lymphatic drainage massage was done using what looked like a fat suit. It was a large suit strapped to my body which inflated to create soft moving pressure which gave me a really relaxing massage. It was actually quite phenomenal that the suit was so accurate in applying pressure in the right areas at the right times, it felt like the regular strokes of a masseuse, only more gentle- still firm but no sharpness. It’s an excellent addition any detox program as it help in the body to clean and cleanse.

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I also had a colon hydrotherapy treatment- eek! I know… Colon Hydrotherapy can be confronting if you haven’t done it before but the Detoxologie team made it as comfortable, clean and as relaxing as possible. Colon Hydrotherapy helps the body remove excess waste that it may struggle to eliminate on its own, it also encourages a healthy digestive environment and the growth of healthy bacteria to keep the digestive system balanced. Colon Hydrotherapy is known to alleviate bloating, gas, headaches and skin allergies and is best done in a course of several treatments.

My Experience at Detoxologie was great, the team were really informed and professional which is exactly what you need when you’re experimenting in treatments new to you. The center itself is THE most high tech and advanced natural/holistic medical clinic in Sydney. If your feeling a little lack- lustre or having problems with anything health wise I highly recommend paying the Detoxologie team a visit, they will lead you up the path to feeling great!

Detoxologie is located in Bondi Junction Sydney, NSW to contact click HERE  or book online HERE.