17 Dec Summer Textures- Get the Look

Cait3 summer S_FotorCait summer 2 S

There is no denying that summer is all about texture- Texture in the hair and texture in the make-up. This look is fresh, subtle yet luminous and perfect for summer. Here are some easy steps to recreate this look.


I used
KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray
KMS Add Volume Styling Foam
KMS Hair Play playable texture
KMS Hair Stay hair spray
Saturate the hair with the KMS Add Volume Styling Foam, once saturated blow dry until completely dry. Spritz the hair generously with KMS Sea Salt Spray, this sea salt spray is great because it leaves the hair feeling soft unlike most other salt sprays which leave you with that crunchy feeling! Next grab a section of hair and wrap unevenly with twine. Spray this section with KMS Hair Stay Spray to hold in place. Finish by spraying the hair with KMS playable texture spray, this means the hairstyle will stay but also adds texture. An option is to wrap another section on the other side with twine and join them together for a tribal looking half up half down style.

cait4 S


I used-
Benefit Fake up concealer around the eyes and nose
Benefit High Beam on the cheeks, eyes and lips.
Benefit Lolli Tint on the cheeks
Benefit Benetint ( the rose coloured one) on the lips
Benefit Gimme Brow for full natural looking brows
Benefit Peek a bright eyes illuminating kit on the eyes
Benefit They’re Real mascara
I used Fake Up concealer around the eyes and nose to conceal any darkness and redness. I applied Benefit High Beam Illuminate to the cheeks, eyelids, and lips to create a glowing dewey complexion. I applied Benefit Lolli Tint to the cheeks, this is a pretty pink cheek and lip tint which is easily applied and blended with the finger tips. I dabbed the lips with Benetint,  a rose coloured cheek and lip tint. Benefit Gimme Brow is a great little tool to thicken up the eyebrows and yet still look natural. It goes on like a mascara for the brows, its full of fibres which build up brow thickness in an instant- look at those brows! I used the shadows from the Peek a Bright Eyes kit to contour in the socket line of the eye and also the lower lash line, and I used the illuminating shadow on the lower lid and brow bone. This gave the eyes a look which was defined and glowing yet almost looked as if she wasn’t wearing any eye make-up at all!
I finished off with They’re Real Mascara which is super volumising and a great smooth consistency.

Cait summer 1 sml

KMS bene