Summer Beauty- Change Is In The Air


HOORAY for Summer and HOORAY for the opportunity to make a few refreshing changes to our beauty routine!!

Summer means there’s more skin on display, your feet come out of hiding and into Summer sandals , we start sporting bouncy summer hairstyles, and find the need for make-up that withstands the heat. All of the reasons we love Summer may also be reasons to up the anti when it comes to your beauty routine.

Here are my top tips for getting yourself Summer ready and looking fabulous!



After a Winter of dramatically changing my hair colour roughly every 6 weeks, let’s just say my hair is NOT HAPPY….

Bouncy Summer hairstyles don’t look as good on dry damaged hair. Winter often has a drying effect on both our skin and hair, and regular colouring takes a significant toll on the health of our hair ( I know ALL about that!).

I was so surprised when I discovered a great option for reviving and conditioning my damaged hair came from Dove. I’d never used Dove hair care before and to be honest I wasn’t totally aware that Dove even did hair care! But after a little research I found out that Dove hair products have  an incredible amount of scientific backing, the brand has a huge research and development department that work on formulating their incredibly high performing products that don’t cost a fortune. In fact, the technology behind Dove would be hard for any other brand to compete with. There are over 6,000 professionals working in research and development for the brand, constantly focusing on improving their products.

There is no doubt that the Dove Intensive Repair  Shampoo & Conditioner have remarkably improved the condition, appearance and feel of my damaged hair. I’m honestly surprised at how good my hair feels. Bouncy Summer Hairstyles are so  much more achievable now my hair is shiny, strong and has a gorgeous lightweight volume.



Not only are bright, vivid colours synonymous with Summer, but they’re also known to be great mood boosters.  So when the warm weather arrives it’s time to bust out the bright pinks, vibrant corals, oranges… in fact any colour of the rainbow will do, as long as it’s not dull.

Try adding a subtle soft pink or peach eye shadow, or a more vibrant blush to your look. Experiment with bold lip colours, and when it comes to nails, the brighter the better! I’m actually wearing fluorescent pink on both my fingers and toes at this very second! (and I’m loving it!)

Try and steer away from a monochrome wardrobe during Summer and incorporate pastels and splashes of colour whenever possible.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.46.59 AM


Trying out a pastel outfit and pink tones in my make-up!


Nothing creates a summer glow like well hydrated skin. And hydrating from within is the key to creating a real glow that even your best illuminate or BB cream can’t mimic. Even the very best moisturiser available won’t make much difference if you’re not drinking enough water.

Drinking plenty of water will also flush away toxins, and if you become really diligent with drinking 2 litres a day, after just a week you’ll notice that your skin is looking great. Combine lots of water, with a great moisturiser to increase skin hydration. A great natural option for boosting hydration is a fresh electrolyte rich coconut water.