Sugar- The Sweet Killer

Australia’s sugar consumption is thought to be the highest in the world, with the average Australian consuming 44kg of sugar per year with an average of only 33kg in the USA. Pretty shocking huh?

Recent studies have shown that sugar  is an addictive substance, we all know sugar is responsible for obesity but its also linked to Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, Immune Disfunction and Depression among a host of other chronic and life threatening medical conditions. Sugar acts like glass scraping the insides of our blood vessels and making holes. As the blood vessels heal they form scabs like anywhere else in your body. This scab (artherosclerosis) can then break off and may cause a heart attack or stroke which is why a  diabetic will most likely die from a heart attack. And those who opt for traditional artificial sweeteners may not be safe either.

Aspartame is a dangerous chemical additive used in artificial sweeteners and the effects Aspartame poisoning have been well documented since the 80’s. Aspartame is a conclusive cause of illness and toxic reactions within the body. It’s very frightening to think what sugar and artificial sweeteners can do to our bodies!

Thankfully a sweeteners from the Stevia plant are  offering a much needed healthy alternative. Stevia has been used by the south americans for centuries, and has been commercially available in Japan since the 1970’s. It is derived from Stevia, a shrub from the Chrysanthemum family and is widely considered a safe alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. I use it in cakes and other baked goods and I really don’t taste a difference at all. The benefits of using Stevia are countless, they can be used in organic products, they lower your sugar intake and therefore lower your risk of developing type 2 diabeties. They have 95% fewer calories than sugar, a low GI, has no impact on blood sugar levels and best of all it tastes like sugar! It has been shown to help diabetics balance their sugar levels.

I use Natvia, a Stevia product available form Woolworths and health food stores. Naturally Sweet is another brand available from health food stores.

Given the science linked to the effects of Aspartame and Sugar on the body I think its time we all considered this natural alternative. It also means we can still enjoy our sweet favourites guilt free…