19 Jul Style Stalker File- Lana Del Rey

This stunning songstress has a trademark touch of old hollywood glamour. Her hair and make-up always looks striking yet polished and those lips are just amazing! With a penchant for false lashes, a bold eyeline, flowers and a head full of cascading waves she often experiments with new hair colours and lip colour. Lana Del Rey has a beauty style I just adore, I hope you do too!Lana-Del-Rey6lana-del-rey-flowers-in-hair Lana-Del-Rey lana-lana-del-rey-34020355-1491-1491 02d1a585d62678984b5190cdf102a1af Lana-Wallpapers-lana-del-rey-29229644-1024-768 Lana+Del+Rey++600x600+PNG+diffe lana-lana-del-rey-34021682-640-543 lana-del-rey-1 quantifying-the-allure-of-lana-del-rey_h lana-del-rey--large-msg-135154076255 lana-del-rey-delicious Lana-Del-Rey-2 Lana+Del+Rey+Nicole+Nodland+2010 LANA-DEL-REY-in-K-KONIECZKA-head-pice-lana-del-rey-33002564-855-1280 lana-del-rey3 Lana-Del-Rey-Face-2560x1440 Lana+Del+Rey+Del+Rey 4807-nothing-flashy-for-lana-del-rey-the-592x0-2