04 Mar Skin looking Dull and Bumpy? Sort out your Skin!

Rebalancing vitamin A mask


Every now and then my skin tone starts to look uneven and my skin a little crepey. No matter how much moisturiser I apply the crepey texture doesn’t seem to get any better, and it’s only made worse by my applying of fake tan regularly to my face.

This is when I know its time to start a skin ‘strip down’ (as i like to call it). A build up of dead skin cells is sitting on top of my skin, catching my make-up and fake tan and making it look dry, dull and bumpy.

The first thing I do is go to the salon for a glycolic facial to rid me of those excess dead skin cells. Next I ramp up my exfoliation, nightly using my facial exfoliant while in the shower. On top of this, once a week i like to use a mask to help rehydrate my skin and nourish with a bunch of potent natural ingredients. It doesn’t take long before my skin is glowing and looking radiant and plump once again!

I’ve been using La Clinica Rebalancing Vitamin A Mask as my weekly mask to get my skin back on track. It’s a gel mask which you leave on for 20 min and it smells absolutely divine! When you have it on you can tell it’s full of earthy,natural goodness. With Stem Cells, Green Tea and Lotus Flower along with Vitamin A it holds the perfect combination of ingredients to regenerate the skin and hydrate at the same time. It feels cool and fresh while on the skin and will leave it looking radiant.

This one is a real little treasure! La Clinica uses naturally derived 100% organic plant extracts and delivers them in a product which offers real and immediate results.

As part of my Natural Beauty Month, La Clinica comes as a recommended organic brand!