Simple Steps To Improve Your Hair


Girls are always in a rush! Work, sport, family, friends, and all the other things that occupy our time leave little time for us to pay attention to our hair. As a result we have way more split ends than we should, we find it hard to get our hair to grow at a reasonable rate, and we often worry about our hair being lack lustre, frizzy, dry and brittle. And with so little time to spare how do we find time for regular trims and other hair revival treatments at the hairdresser?

I’m going to let you in on a few expert tips i put together for the Yahoo7 Lifestyle blogger wall to minimise damage to your hair that wont take up any extra time in your busy schedule. If you incorporate these tips and tricks into your daily hairstyling routine not only will your hair look and feel better, you may just skip a trip to the hairdresser all together!

For a busy girl heat styling tools are a godsend! They make the job so simple and more importantly quick. Heat styling tools like flat irons and curling wands reach temps of up to 250 C and its no secret that heat styling damages the hair. A few important things that will reduce the damage done are-

*Make sure the hair is completely dry! This is SO important. Using hot tools on the hair if it is even a little damp can permanently damage the hair.

*Keep heated tools at least 2cm from the scalp. The extreme temperatures these tools can reach can burn the scalp and permanently alter the hair structure.

* Do not overuse. Try to go over each section once only, overuse will cause excess dryness, split ends and dull looking hair.

* Try a heat free hairstyle 1-2 days per week. If you can commit to going heat free for just a couple of days your hair will be in significantly better condition. The good news is sleek ponytails are a HUGE hair trend right now, they look fab and don’t require heat to achieve!

For those of us that like to exercise and get outdoors there are a few damage control measures to bear in mind here too-

*Don’t brush the hair after you’ve been in salt or chlorine water. Both salt and Chlorine coat the hair and make it temporarily more brittle and by brushing it you will snap, split and damage the hair shaft. Wait until you have washed your hair before combing or brushing it.

* Wear a hat while you are in the sun and exercising outdoors. Regular exposure to the heat and UV rays from the sun cause excessive dryness in the hair. This can also lead to the hair being frizz prone. Make sure you always wear a hat in the sun and if you do exposure your hair to excessive sun be sure to nourish it with a good shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

My final tip would be don’t overuse hair products if you know you wont have time to wash it out. Build up of product weighs the hair down and makes it look dull. It can also burn the hair if you use heated styling tools when you have several days product build up in it.

If you can incorporate these tips into your daily routine your hair will love you for it and you may just skip that next trip to the hairdresser!


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