04 Feb Silky Smooth Legs- For Weeks On End!

 I’ve always been a leg shaver and never a leg waxer. Shaving is quick, it’s easy, and it can be done at home.  While waxing had the benefits of being hair free for longer, the thought of having to find time to get to the salon for regular waxing appointments (and the hairy legs in between…) were enough to put me off waxing for good. And the downside to shaving is you have to do it every other day and the regrowth is rather prickly…

A friend recently told me that she uses an epilator to remove hair from her arms and her legs. My immediate thought was ‘ouch’, but she insisted that the one she used didn’t hurt. An epilator as I knew it, was a device with a roller head filled with tiny tweezers that effectively plucked the hairs out as you moved it across the skin, and often it felt painful. So when I was sent the new Braun Silk Epil9 for review I was instantly curious as it claims to be pain free and it grabs hairs 4 X shorter than waxing, which would mean no unsightly hairy legs between treatments.


I first used the Braun Silk Epil9 a few days after my last leg shave. The hairs were pretty short but the Silk Epil9 grabbed them without trouble. The first few rolls on my skin weren’t completely pain free but I wouldn’t say painful either, just a little sting as I got used to the sensation. After using it for a minute or so the sting was completely gone, it’s as if your skin adjusts to the sensation. From that point on I didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

I decided to do my arms too. I hadn’t had my arms waxed in years so the hairs were fully grown, and I found the same thing. A bit of a sting for the first few rolls and then nothing- pain free and easy. My arms and legs both feel great! Soft and smooth and I’m particularly pleased that I’ll be hair free for a few more weeks!

The Braun Silk Epil9 is unlike any other epilator because of its wide head which enables more hairs to be captured with each stroke. It also features micro tweezers which are wider, deeper, longer and significantly more effective at grabbing hairs, even very short ones. It can be used wet or dry, which is probably what I found to be the most convenient feature of all. You aren’t limited to doing it in the shower, you could do it anywhere. It also delivers a high frequency massage system to the skin through pulsating vibrations which helps to make the process more gentle. And with time, as your skin adapts to your new way of hair removal the treatment becomes virtually painless.

I really think this is a win/win situation for me, hair free for several weeks at a time, not having to grow long hair again before the next treatment, and the convenience of doing it myself, at home.

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Smooth Arms…



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Smooth Legs!