20 Aug Scunci Hi Styles

Scunci High Lift $9.95

Scunci Hi Styles $9.95

Scunci Hi Styles is a helpful hair styling tool that makes getting extra volume on top of the hair incredibly simple. The comb like tool is inserted at the crown of the head to add volume to any hair style- Ponytails, buns, out do’s, anything! I have had one in my kit for over a year now and it really comes in handy when I need volume quickly. It’s versatile and can be used to add a little bit of volume or teamed with just a little bit of back combing can create lots of volume quickly!

I have been getting creative with the Hi Styles tool and using it on a lot of shoots.


I just LOVE this look. In this style I parted the hair on the side, combed the hair back from the middle/top of the head and placed the Hi Styles under about 1 inch of hair. With the top inch of hair I back combed and teased it and then placed it down over the Hi Styles and pinned it at the back to conceal it. And of course I finished it with a good coat of hairspray. Look at that volume!


I created this look on model Steph by inserting the Hi Styles comb under the hair on the crown of the head. I then swept the hair from the front over the Hi Styles and neatly over to the back. Next I slicked the sides of the hair back and pinned them under the Hi Styles and hair so the pins were hidden. I finished the look off with a good coat of hair spray an ran over with a fine tooth comb to tame fly aways.


I used the Scunci Hi Styles tool along with lots of back combing to give a super volume boost in these shots for french designer Magali Pascal. Using the Hi Styles at the crown of the head meant the volume wouldn’t drop during the day like back combing often can.

To watch a helpful ‘how to’ video from Scunci on the Hi Styles CLICK HERE.