16 Apr Royals Down Under

I am fascinated by this adorable little royal family, I have no idea why (it even surprises me) but I love them! I cant help but wonder what life is like for Kate Middleton, and I think that’s what fascinates me the most. I find her really likeable, always smiling and always looking gorgeous. I assume she has a hairstylist who travels with her because her hair looks picture perfect ALL the time which only adds to her charm. She has an amazing figure and an everlasting natural looking tan which seems impossible to someone with a tiny baby and such an hectic schedule. Im sure she must have a team of stylists and a nanny or two behind the scenes.

During her trip through New Zealand and Australia she has maintained a chic, stylish and stunning appearance weather it’s a formal or more casual occasion. And that yellow dress today! I love it.

I cant wait to see more outfits, hairstyles and smiles from Kate Middleton over the next few days. And that baby George… Adorable!

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