08 Sep Reversing Hair Damage

Although my hair isn’t overly colour treated at the moment, I still suffer from everyday damage caused by the daily use of heated tools. I’m currently away on holiday, swimming in both chlorine and salt, and copping loads of  sun which usually significantly exacerbates the damage to my hair. It begins to feel a little straw-like.

That’s where my little bottle of Olaplex No.3 comes in to play. It’s become my absolute holiday hair essential. Actually it’s become more like an everyday-life hair essential, and god it feels good when you can repair all the damage done to your hair while on holiday with an easy to use treatment.

Hair can become fragile from an array of different types of stresses, be it environmental or chemical. While on holiday it’s most definitely damage from environmental stress i.e. sun, salt, chlorine and the elements. Olaplex No.3 isn’t like most other treatments which simply offer moisture and protection, Olaplex is an internal treatment that actually reverses damage by strengthening and rebuilding the structure of the hair from within.

Olaplex No.3 can be used as a quick 20 minute treatment or it can be left in all day or all night and washed out in the morning. It also works as a great frizz protection in the humidity. I’ve been using mine every few days and leaving it in for the night. I apply it liberally to my hair and then slick my hair back into a low ponytail. My hair is actually being repaired while I’m out at dinner and even when I’m sleeping. And I’m loving my sleek ponytail look!



Olaplex really is one of a kind. While there are plenty of hair treatments on the market, none of them actually reverse damage like Olaplex No.3 will. This is such a great beauty product to have on hand for anyone with damage caused by colouring, holiday-ing, or just regular use of heated tools on your hair.