31 May Redken Straight Align 12- Eliminate Frizz

ralign12_5My hair is pretty curly and I almost never wear it in its natural state. After a wash I always straighten or blow dry it out to a nice smooth wave. Initially I’m really happy with the way it looks, then later during the day on comes the frizz factor…. If there is ever any humidity or rain about (which is nearly always) my hair just wants to revert back to its curly self and I end up with frizzy or what I like to call ‘floofy’ hair – Uggh! Yuck, what a pain.

A few weeks ago I started using Redken Style Align 12 ($25.47)  after each wash. This product is applied to the hair before styling and designed to give the hair heat protection and frizz control. I really noticed a big difference! It really eliminated the usual frizziness. After I had styled my hair it stayed smoother and shinier than it usually would and most importantly it didn’t get frizzy at all! I would recommend this one to anyone who needs help taming unruly frizzy  hair.

Purchase Redken Style Align 12 online at www.ry.com.au