25 Oct Product of The Week- Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening Moisturiser

BrightskinWe all strive to maintain bright radiant skin, yet we all face the barrage of beauty products claiming to give us just that. So how do we know what really works and what doesn’t? Well, this weeks Product of The Week is a front runner in products that will actually get you great results. Tried and tested by yours truly Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening Moisturiser is a beautiful and highly effective daily moisturiser. Ultraceuticals have never failed me, time and time again each product I try not only feels great but leaves me with the impression that this is real skin care, none of the fluffy stuff here… This is potent, well thought out and highly effective skin care that will actually get you real results. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love what I am seeing and feeling.

Ultra Brightening Moisturiser contains a blend of AHA’s and BHA’s which work to gently slough off any excess dead skin cells which are usually the cause of dull, crepey skin. By applying this moisturiser daily you are gently keeping your skin exfoliated and always leaving your new, fresh, hydrated skin cells on the surface which results in a dewey, radiant complexion. This same blend helps slough off any accumulation of pigment on the surface on the skin, which means it will fade pigmentation and age spots and even out the skin tone. By maintaing an adequate level of exfoliation you are going to reduce pore size and visibility too.

This moisturiser will also help your skin maintain adequate hydration during the day. I love that it keeps my skin feeling full and plump for longer than most moisturisers will, and I believe you can notice improvements in skin tone and radiance within days of using it.

All products are developed by the brains behind the brand the lovely Dr Geoff Heber a local Sydney- sider whom I had the pleasure of meeting several weeks back. I love that Ultraceuticals is created by Australians, made in Australia and owned by Australians!

Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening Moisturiser $105 is available online HERE. To find a stockists near you click HERE.

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