11 Nov Popular hair trends of Spring 2016

Whether it’s on the runway, on the red carpet or in the latest fashion shoot, there have been four popular hairstyles that appear to be trending this spring.

The ‘Wet Slicked’ Look.
Hair gel has become one of the hair stylist’s best friend’s as it creates that perfect-slicked wet effect – just like the models have hopped straight out of the shower and onto the runway. When the hair is combed through with copious tubes of gel, it can suit any look. Whether you go for a robust and sleek look, or you want a sophisticated glow.

The Blunted/Straight Cut
Forget the layered style cut, 2016 has been the year for the one length straight cut. The blunted cut is all about simplicity, which gives off a fierce vibe and can act as a high fashion statement piece to any look. It doesn’t matter if your hair is fine, straight, curly or thick, there are multiple ways to make the straight cut work. Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence are two celebrities who pull the straight cut off flawlessly.

Deep Side Parts
Seen on many runways in Milan and Paris alone, the deep or low side part gives you that convincing business look. The side part feels like I’m going back to 2010, but somehow now manages to look as couture and grunge as possible. Kristen Stuart and Sienna Miller’s doing it, so why not give it a try?

Tight Braided Look
Braids are one of the hottest looks for 2016 hands down. Not only do they create a detailed effect, but also give a sharp and voguish look. Want braids like the Kardashians? Rub your fingers through with gel or styling cream to add grip and give off that clean, yet tight as hell look. The two braids can also give you that ‘baddie’ look – which many of YouTube’s beauty guru’s seem to rock.


Image from instagram


Image from instagram