20 Sep Perfect pony

Scunci has a hair tool which is fantastic at thickening up your pony tail. This product is a plastic tool you place at the base of the ponytail and it makes your pony tail look thick and full and is totally camouflaged by your hair. I’ve been using the Perfect Pony on every shoot in which I have had to give the model a pony tail, and in any case it just makes the pony tail look better!

I have been wearing it all the time because my ponytails always look thin and wispy. It is really comfortable to wear, you can’t feel it all!

See how simple the Perfect Pony is to use in this video belowScreen shot 2013-09-19 at 2.41.07 PM

 The images below are all from shoots I have worked on and used the Perfect Pony. Notice you can’t see it at all!