20 Sep People for Plants Organic Skin Care


I love organic skin care, and I love it even more when the ingredients have a story behind it. Such is the case for beautiful Australian organic skin care label People For Plants. I had the pleasure of doing breakfast with Jamie Durie and the team from People for Plants last week. Since being acquainted with the range I think it’s a skin care range that everyone should know about.

All the ingredients are ethically sourced from a range of different places around the world and the products in the range are formulated to the highest organic standards, and contain absolutely no nasties. Each product is designed to be not only highly effective but also potent in its active ingredients.

Another highlight of this range is that each product is priced at under $30. This price point is a rarity with products with this standard of organic ingredients and certification.

The range is versatile and has products to suit every skin type including highly sensitive skin and eczema prone skin.

Here are two few of my favourites-

Cucumber & Aloe Hydration Gel

Cucumber & Aloe Hydration Gel

Ahh I just love this one! Imagine a shrivelled plant that hasn’t been watered and then imagine it watered- plump, full, hydrated and alive! This is how it leaves my dry skin feeling, plump and smooth like my skin has just had a big drink! Also great to minimise fine lines before you put make-up on.

Tangerine and Juniper Berry Lip Balm

Tangerine and Juniper Berry Lip Balm

Yum, this one tastes like a tropical drink on your lips and keeps the lips smooth and crack free. I love that all the lip balms feel light weight on the lips. Also available in Vanilla Bean and Cocoa Butter and Pomegranate and Seabuckthorn.

To see the gorgeous People For Plants range click HERE