Travel with Impulse


My NY trip is off to a flying start! Day after day of site-seeing followed by rooftop cocktails and delectable dinners has been tough 😉 And although the warm weather has been a nice change after a cold Sydney Winter (at the risk of sounding spoilt) it’s actually been too hot, stinking hot… New York is a city in which the best and fastest means of transport are bicycle, subway or your plain old two feet and a heartbeat. And believe me when I say that at times the very thought of stepping outside of the aircon, is almost unbearable. Instantly you’ll be sweating, sticky and well… it’s just gross. The hot pavements and streets create a big hot humidity trap.


As you may have gathered via my social media, I’ve taken been taking my Impulse Fragrances everywhere with me. They’re incredibly handy when you’re on the go because they’re lightweight and mean you don’t have to carry around a glass perfume bottle. You definitely don’t sacrifice any quality of the scent either, Impulse fragrances are created by world famous fragrance experts who are also responsible for creating some of the worlds most famous perfumes.

I’ve had a spray in literally every bag I’ve had with me so far, I even kept one in my bike basket while riding around the city yesterday. It’s nice to know that you’ll always be smelling great no matter how hot and sticky you get! I get quite a lot of comments on my perfume when I spray it on…. And I have to have a giggle to myself because Impulse fragrances cost under five bucks!!!

My favourite scents are Very Pink, Romantic Spark and Love Story but there are plenty more in the range and they’re well worth checking out for every woman of every age!


To see the full fragrance range click HERE.

And to buy online click HERE.

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