09 Oct New York Minute


A sizzling instalment of an exclusive editorial collaboration between myself- Oz Beauty Expert and Sonny Vandevelde on the streets of downtown Manhattan. It captures the very essence and mood of NYC during fashion week- fast paced, glamourous and HOT!!!

Starring another Aussie beauty, model Rebecca S of Ford Models NYC.

All clothing by Wish.

I created this effortless hairstyle using styling products from Kerastase, straightener and styling tools by VS Sassoon and make-up from Revlon to create this fresh, glowing urban look. See full step by step ‘How To’ details below.


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How to-


I wanted the hair to look sleek but still have an element of movement and effortlessness. I used Kerastase Form Fatale blow dry gel throughout the hair to give extra volume to Rebecca’s fine hair and blow dried it in using the VS Sassoon Total Protection Hair Dryer until dry.

I used the VS Sassoon Curl Secret to create curls through the back section of the hair which I then brushed out with a hard bristled brush to create very soft waves instead of structured curls. I found the Curl Secret is great for creating both structured curls but also any desired degree of waviness in the hair. The best part is that it is so easy to use! It even beeps when each section is finished curling! I started each curl from about 2-3 inches from the scalp in order to keep the looseness and subtlety of the style. I parted the hair on the side and used the VS Sassoon Total Protection Ceramic Straightener to straighten the front section, I then tucked the front section of hair behind the ears and smoothed them into place with some Kerastase Multi Talented Stying Balm on my hands.

I wanted the front section to look sleek, but I wanted the loose hair at the back to look light and as thought it had lots of floaty movement. I lightly tousled through more Kerastase Multi Talented Styling Balm through the back of the hair using just a tiny amount with my fingers to give it a light texture without weighing it down.

I gently pulled loose some fly aways around the face to soften the sleekness of the style and in the hope that the flyaways would catch the beautiful NY sunlight as we shot the images.

I finished off the style with a good spray of Kerastase Styling Lacquer and Gloss Appeal shine spray.



I didn’t use foundation in this look. I wanted it to be really effortless and natural looking skin but still have a glamorous edge. To do this I decided to create a really natural bare base with a bold eyeline and white nails.

I used Revlon concealer to conceal around the eyes and any redness around the nose. I then simply applied a liberal amount of Revlon Skin Lights over the entire face and lips to add a beautiful lumiousity.

I used the new Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette to dust over the eyelids, browbones and cheekbones for a more intense glow on those areas. I then used Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Eye Liner to give a bold thick liquid line to the top eye line. I started with a black eye line and changed colour for each look using both blue and also green Skinny Liners which both have an amazing vivid colour. I used a generous coat of black Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara to finish the eye.

On the lips I used Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in ‘London Posh’ and on the nails I used Revlon Gel Envy in ‘Sure Thing’ for a chip free, high shine nail that would last all day.

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