01 Jun My Pink Hair Transformation

If I could go back and tell my 10 year old self that one day I’d have candy pink hair, I’m pretty sure I would’ve had a smile on my face every day for the rest of my life….
Having naturally very dark hair, whenever I’ve tried to experiment with colour it’s been almost impossible. Lightening my hair enough for colours to be really vibrant wasn’t an option without causing major damage to my hair. As we all know dramatic bleaching compromises the structure of the hair, leaving you with significantly damaged locks. So after years of trying to experiment with colour unsuccessfully, for the most part I’d given up. That was until a couple of months ago when my hair stylist Iggy told me about a magical product that might make my dreams of having colourful hair a reality.
Olaplex is becoming somewhat of a sensation, an amazing innovation that when mixed with bleaching products repairs existing damage and prevents further damage to the hair. This means that no matter how dark your hair is, you can lighten it dramatically with minimal if not zero damage. Olaplex  strengthens and improves the condition of the hair from the inside, and after being dramatically lightened twice in one day my hair feels as strong and healthy as it did before which is nothing short of amazing!
Once Iggy got my hair light enough, he then coloured my hair with a beautiful custom Evo Fabuloso Pro Colour. Evo Fabuloso Pro Colour Intesifiers are semi permanent colours mixed in a conditioner base. Once coloured, Iggy mixed up a custom conditioner for me to take home, which was an exact match to my hair colour and would top up and keep my hair vibrant with each wash.
We transformed Bonnie’s brunette locks to pink using Olaplex and Evo Fab Pro colour.  We began by pre-lightening the lengths of the hair using Lakme K.Blonde pouder mixed with Olaplex making sure not to apply to the roots as we wanted to keep them muted and natural. This was the most intense step of the colouring process, because as we all know when we lighten the hair so dramatically we compromise the health of the hair. I insisted on using Olaplex to prevent damage because we really pushed the hair hard. We pre-lightened the hair twice in a row to test Olaplex and its ability to strengthen and improve the condition of the hair. Without using Olaplex we would’nt have been able to lighten the hair enough in only one day while keeping it healthy.Once the hair had reached the level of lightness required, we rinsed and applied our customised Evo Fabuloso Pro colour.  Fabuloso Pro colours are direct pigment, ammonia free, peroxide free semi colours. This was so much fun to do! We used the concentrated red intensifier diluted to create the custom pink colour conditioner. There were so many different shades of Fabuloso Pro Colour Intensifiers to choose from it was really hard to decide exactly which shade to create as the options are literally endless!

We then styled Bonnie’s hair using some beautiful styling products from Evo. I used my favourites, Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturiser applied to wet hair which I blow-dried and applied Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper for heat protection and finished with Love Touch Shine Spray which smells delicious!

We couldn’t be happier with the results as you can see! It was spectacular to see such a dramatic hair change with rich and vibrant tones in only one day with the condition of the hair remaining exactly how it was before the lightening process.
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